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  • rideitmoto levers

    Saw this adverted on the Zone. anyone have these

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    Re: rideitmoto levers

    I think they are the Chinese Pazzo copies. I have a set on my GSXR, no problems so far. I'll be keeping an eye on the anodizing to see if it wears off.


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      Re: rideitmoto levers

      TLR Maori... i guess you are the only one


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        Re: rideitmoto levers

        Or the only one to admit I have the cheapies on my bike. I bought one of the sets that are for sale all over ebay from Hong Kong. I have real Pazzo's on my TL and the Chinese levers are identical (obviously what they copied).


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          Re: rideitmoto levers

          maybe I will pose the question on tlzone... since that it where I saw the add


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            Re: rideitmoto levers

            I haven't tried them myself,I've got Pazzo's,but I've read a few comments on other forums about them needing to be "finessed" a little before fitting.
            It sounds like sometimes the mounting holes aren't always accurate enough,but if they are spot on for the TLR ones maybe there is no issue?
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              Re: rideitmoto levers

              I put them on my 02 GSXR thou, no mods needed, exact fit.