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found my missing ponies

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  • found my missing ponies

    So what started out as a tps adjustment ended up to be a fuel pump/filter/gasket/fuel line replacement. All I can say after my first ride is wow I think I picked up several HP, better throttle response, better idleing, no more occasional cutout under wide open throttle, no more surging at low rpms, and the list goes on. Who would have thought that a pile of black jelly in the bottom of your fuel tank(silicone based adhesive....) could be a bad thing?? I absolutely love my 1040 now Pics to come shortly after I finish getting her dressed again!

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    Re: found my missing ponies

    Wow! There is sure a lot of people here recently that have encountered the rtv syndrome! Why are some people so thoughtless to not knowing rtv/silicone doesn't stand up to fuel?

    Good to hear you are fully operational again. After I got mine all fixed, I don't have to hold the throttle open the smallest amount for it to start now.


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      Re: found my missing ponies

      When things are done correctly and with a little common sense, the bike can behave quite nicely! Glad you got yours squared away too