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  • rear squeak

    Well last weekend I installed a bunch of parts. Front wheel bearings van ccc all three reservoirs. Then did a butt load of cleaning Looks sweet. Love it. Road it to work and wham bam. Mother F en dam squeak is back. Its driving me nuts. Hell with ear plugs in 60mph and I have slash cut pipes and I can still hear it. Can the shock be the prob? Can it rebuilt? Someone had this prob? Thanks

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    Re: rear squeak

    its probly the pivots in the rear spring assy.

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    But then I don't know all that much about TL's

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      Re: rear squeak

      that is most probably the spring linkage needle bearings (the assy between the swingarm and the spring). They rusted and seized. I have the same problem and I'm waiting for the parts ...
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