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I was feeling left out - 84 XR80

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  • I was feeling left out - 84 XR80

    I was feeling left out with all the big boys on the site with their fiddy's and stuff, then I found out that one of the apprentices at work had an XR80 that hadn't started for over 5 years and when it did stop it was running like a real pig.

    He doesn't want to sell it, but I nagged and nagged him to give it to me to get running. He thought it wasn't worth selling and he's right. He'll get nothing for it and my offer would be about 1/4 of what they're going for in the paper. I wanted to try it out for size for my son too, (way too big for now). Possession is 9/10ths of the law right? Lets see him get it back!

    It looks like a real POS at the moment, but with closer inspection all it will take is a bit of TLC it should scrub up OK.

    Steering head bearings and wheel bearings need replacing and a good clean and polish (after I get it fired up). Tyres and chain are spot on all the cables work. Kick starter lever is rs, nothing a bit of welding and grinding wont fix. Plenty of compression and spark, have to ditch the old fuel first. He had the plug thread helicoiled and got piston and rings fitted at the same time and it broke down before he'd finished running it in, so hopefully it is just a carb or timing problem.

    So now I have something to keep me occupied for the last couple of weekends of winter. I gave the pipe and the top of the engine case and a bit for the rims a quick rub to get an idea of how far gone it was in appearance, it should scrub up ok with some paint on the tank etc.
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    Rock on! can't wait to see it all cleaned up
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      That's great Steve. Dirtbikes are supose to look like arse, as long as then run well all is good.


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        BNC is exactly right.. I miss my old dirtbikes.. but none of them ever looked pretty. My name will be right along with you other guys next season, as soon as my TLS is all finished, i will probably try my luck on the dirt again.. hopefully i don't shatter my collar bone like last time


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          I mainly got it to see if Gavan, my son could grasp the concept of using a clutch or not, I'm thinking of getting him a bike for Christmas so this can be the test platform, I can sit on the back and stop it from falling over and stuff.

          I'm still leaning toward an XR50 for him, no clutch, but 3 speeds he can grow into .

          I haven't had a chookie for 2 years now, the last one was a clapped out KLR250. Plenty of bush and forest out here too, I should get another one. A lot of the guys I work with have their chook chases to go bush bashing with. I need money!
          "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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            An XR80 was my first bike ever.
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              Wow.. and I thought my Ninja was bad..

              Very cool Steve.. have fun with it and don't go overboard like I did.. Like everyone says, it's supposed to look like crap and go like stink.. It's a dirtbike!
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