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Need HELP with TLR speedo...

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  • Need HELP with TLR speedo...

    How the fuck is this possible:
    I was on it yestarday and everything worked fine...
    Bike has no electrical issues until today, battery is good, its all in good order,
    except when I turn the key to ON the speedo needle goes from 6 o'clock to 7 o'clock position like it went all the way around past max speed and it could not return.
    When the key is in OFF the needle sits on 6 o'clock.
    The needle sits below the stop, what is going to happen when I ride it.
    I would hate to fuck the speedo somehow


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    Re: Need HELP with TLR speedo...

    I haven't had this happen on the tiller, but I had a malibu that did it once. all I did was take the dash apart and flip the needle back around, as in turn it counterclockwise and it rested on the pin again just fine... and never did it again on me. I would think it would be worth a shot
    Looking for ETI fuel Cell or carbon bimota tank, and a rear seat for the TLR... PM me with those items.


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      Re: Need HELP with TLR speedo...

      I did just that and it worked also...
      I went out for a run last night with the needle working perfectly fine, so I guess it was just freak of nature