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  • General Concerns?

    This is my second post on this forum and thus far i have been very happy with all the responses. So congrats to all the loyal fans.

    My question. I am purchasing a TL1000R over the winter, it has 18K on the engine and 30K on the bike. It is in amazing condition, i would say one step below showroom quality.
    I am curious what are the things i need to keep an eye on in the way of known things to go bad or need regular maintenance?

    Thanks for all the info.
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    Re: General Concerns?

    It sounds like it has been taken care of, so you should not have any problems. Abused bikes, with long lists of owners, always have problems. - Click the banner below, to see what I have for your bike.


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      Re: General Concerns?

      Sort of agree Van, but my bike had 14k klm on clock and 6 owners, it was showroom condition but completely stock, i think at least with the tls, because of the prob with the running temp with out the therm mod, people were just selling it on. so i have no issues with previous owners for my bike, just the prat in the car that pulled out on me. mind you i should thank him because im now rebuilding with lots of goodies . : )
      if its not broken MOD it