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  • Intro & Carbon Fiber Question

    Hi. Dan in Chicago/IL/USA here. I purchased a 2000 red TL-S about 6 weeks ago. Completely stock as far as I can tell. Hardly a scratch on it at 3309 miles on the odometer at purchase.

    It is my second bike as I've been riding since late 2007. My first bike was (is) a 1985 Honda VF700S. I've only ridden a couple thousand miles in the past three years or I'm too busy with work, ride only for fun, and refuse to ride in really cold weather...which is 4 or 5 months/year in Chicago. At age 47 I wanted to get a sportbike before it was too late. I was looking for an L-twin and the TL-S seemed to make sense. After researching and looking around for awhile I finally made the jump.

    So far I'm VERY happy with the bike. At first I was leery of it as it is obviously a step down in weight and a step up in power. No worries...despite the more forward-leaning riding position & greater power I am infinitely more comfortable on the TL-S than I was on the Honda, especially on the highway. Even my wrists aren't really too sore, despite all that I had read. The bike fits me well (6'1" 225lb) too.

    I've got a bunch of upgrade plans for the bike during the coming winter, starting with the Bitubo rear shock. I've avoided asking a bunch of newby-type questions so far by reading through older threads and searching the archives here and at TLZone. Nonetheless I will be posing a number of questions here in the near future...if I don't find answers in the archives.

    So here is my first question: I just bought a new CF rear hugger on eBay...apparently a close-out item made by a company called Eurobikes. It has arrived and looks good. Having no experience with CF I'd like to know for sure that it's genuine opposed to the CF-like appearance of the TL-S instrument cluster surround, air-intake, etc.

    How can one tell real CF from fake?
    Are there variable levels of quality of CF?

    I'm also signed up for the CF rear hugger from IP Performance and I'll go through with that purchase and then compare the two. I'll also be picking up most of the other CF pieces from IP Perf as they become available.

    Thanks. Dan
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    Re: Intro & Carbon Fiber Question

    Hello and welcome. I'm kind of new here myself (4-6 mths.). You will find alot of useful stuff and info here. Have fun with the stated alot here: "She'll get expensive on you".


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      Re: Intro & Carbon Fiber Question

      Hi Dan welcome:
      Pm Paul at ip performance he as quite a bi of cf items for the tls.

      From what i have seen the cf is rough on the reverse side and highly smooth and gloss on the main its light in weight. Buying 2 huggers seems a bit drastic just to find out the difference , plus as im not into racing and looking for weight reduction ( and im 17 stone in weight my self any way) if it looks like carbon and its already on the bike it stays on the bike.If i want weight reduction i go on a diet : )

      ps. thermostat mod is a must for correct temp running on the TLs 1997, or you will be on cold mapping all the time.
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      if its not broken MOD it


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        Re: Intro & Carbon Fiber Question

        Real carbon fiber will look amazing in the light. You will actually be able to see the fibers interwoven across each other.

        The "fake" carbon fiber is just painted gray squares...