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  • tps tb adjustment

    I'm wanting to do the adjustments. I did the dealer mod check no faults middle bar on tps. 1200rpm idle. It dies some times when I pull up to a stop light. Some times it idles at 1200 at 1500I have to start it several times when she is cold with the fast idle on. With fast wide open it never gets over 2000rpm and it isn't steady. It will rev to 2000 then drop to 12 or 1500 then back to 2000. Can tps tb cause this? I've tried to down load the video but after 15min it was only 20% loaded. I've got to get vac gauges no one locale has any so I've got to go get some. Thanks
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    Re: tps tb adjustment

    Get these vacuum gages, they do excellent prices. And shipping to the states is fast and cheap. Carbtune Pro

    try donloading the manual from the other site right click it and save as.
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      Re: tps tb adjustment

      chris did my balancing with them very easy, i could even do it my self
      if its not broken MOD it


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        Re: tps tb adjustment

        check for vacuum leaks....may have other issues then the tps
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          Re: tps tb adjustment

          Have a picture for you on where to hook up the lines for your gauges (make sure to use the reducers) and what to adjust as shown in that video you have trouble downloading.
          First set TPS sensor, in your case it seems ok.
          Then set idle at 1250 rpm,
          Hook up your vacuum gauges and adjust TB adjust screw, make sure there is a tiny bit of play where it says "check play".
          Adjust idle if you need to back to 1250 rpm and re check TB-sync.

          Here's an other about how the vacuum lines run and which ones you can eliminate (in red, use plug/cap at black dot) after airbox mod and removing the pair valve.

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            Re: tps tb adjustment

            Thanks guys. I tore her down this morn. Then big fb game put it on hold. I knew I had seen a pic of ware every thing was last night. Then during half time damed if I couldn't find it. Thank you for the pic. I'm going to set tb then check for vac leaks. What do I need to adjust the tps? Ill try to down load the vid in morn but I've got to get her back together tomorrow got to have to go to work monday. Thanks again john


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              Re: tps tb adjustment

              I think ill remove the pair valves and the vac lines that I capped when I did air box. When I get time I think I'm gona take the extra gear out of the heads. Secser gear or whatever its called. Thanks


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                Re: tps tb adjustment

                I just had a similar problem with mine. It turned out to be a vacuum leak. I did the air box mod which removed most of the vacuum lines.

                My TL though is now going to be parted out because it has turned into an un-reliable p.o.s. I think it is just sad that there is a sexy german in the garage now.