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  • White Rims Aaaahhh Help

    THank you in advance to all that answer this.

    I bought my new and wonderfully awesome TLR on this past saturday and I only have 1 problem with it. WHITE WHEELS what is best to keep them clean. I want the easiset stuff to use . I want spray on and wipe off! Please help me out on this so I dont have to scrub all day to keep it clean.

    Didnt think about this when I was drooling at dealereship!
    all my other bikes had dark rims
    I'm so slow I think I'm first!!!!!!!

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    I use what is marketed over here as "MRF" multi purpose cleaner by CRC (Truck wash?) I spray it on undiluted, then wipe with a sponge and hit it with the garden hose, gets it all off (TLS gold rims). Also, I use Belray "super clean" chain lube, doesn't fling much at all. Brake dust comes off with normal soap and water (front rim).
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      Get youself a big can of WD-40. It works wonders.

      Of course the blue ones are faster, you mean you didn't know that?

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        Honda Polish for all your cleaning needs!

        Then wax them with a good wax, and keep doing that until you get a good coat on then they will come clean alot easier.


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          Simple Green, my friend!!!! I cannot stress this product enough! Spray it on and wait a couple of minutes, then wipe it off. It will cut through the grease and brake dust like nothing else.

          P.S. Try and keep it away from the chain. I don't think you want to degrease that.


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            Anything like WD-40 or CRC works the best, just watch the over spray on to the disc's.
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              I always use honda polish but I am going to get some s100 today. I have heard good things about it my buddy has a vtx with spoke wheels he said it use to take forever to clean his bike. With the s100 he sprays it on the bike waits a few minutes then hoses it off with a garden hose. If I had white wheels I would paint them black looks way better with the blue/white IMHO
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                I've tried several products. Pro Honda Polish has worked the best for me. It will pick up road grime, chain fling, and brake dust quite eaily. If I remember correctly the Honda Polish also has an anti static agent which helps prevent airborn gunk from being attracted to your wheels.


                ps-Enjoy the new ride, and excellent choice in colors.


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                  Kerosene. Cheap and works fast... why use anything else?


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                    Marshall, I also use Mr Sheen if it's not too bad, always use it on my plastics and tank, I think it is very similar to the "Honda polish" seems to do the same thing from what I've read. It's great for bugs on a visor or bike screen too!
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                      Yep.. Mr Sheen!

                      Simple green works well too... and for realllly stubborn bug guts\old brake dust.. I use Meguiars Extra Strength Cleaner.. bloody exspensive stuff... but it works wonders.


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                        I remember reading a post about "simply green" that it is bad for the aluminum

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                          Simple green will do nothing to aluminum. I use it on my banshee and TLR. Both have alot of aluminum. Purple stuff is what you dont want to use on aluminum. It will dull the finish right off and probally worse if it is left on. I personaly use simple green and a tooth brush on my white wheels and just simple green on my black ones. Dustin


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                            The s1000 is supposed to be the Shit. I just never bought any due to the size of the can. I carry my honda polish in my tank bag for bug removal too.


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                              I find if you clean them regularly you don't have to work to get the crap off. I spend five minutes on both wheels after I ride and all the crap comes right off. I use whatever cleaner I have lying around. I always have showroom clean rims .
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