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  • exhausts ?

    have got d&d bolt on cans that are in need of replacing as they have rattled apart. should i buy d&d cans again or change to yoshimura. also where is the best place in australia to buy them ?

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    Re: exhausts ?

    What do you mean they rattled apart?
    If you liked them, why not just fix them?

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      Re: exhausts ?

      I'll be the first to peer-pressure you into the D&Ds. Yoshis are way too quiet and bulky.
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        Re: exhausts ?

        I agree with Chris. Unless you got somewhere and looked back there and they were gone why not just re-pack and rivet them back together if you liked them. Most guys don't have a lot of love for D&D but if you liked them who cares. It's your bike.
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