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Busa fork set up for TL1000S

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  • Busa fork set up for TL1000S

    Reading previous threads, there must be hundreds of you guys who have fitted Busa forks to your TL1000S. Can anyone share their settings with me ? I have the sag set perfect but am struggling to get the damping right but no matter which direction I go I can't get a good balance between handling and comfort. Bought the 2006 forks second hand with fresh seals oil but don't know what grade - I may have to re-fill myself to be sure but wanted some advice from someone who has a good damping setting before going down that route. I appreciate damoing setting will vary to suit the individual but if I get a consensus of opinion at least I can get in the ball park before going down the oil route. Any advice on oil grade for Busa forks would be welcome

    Thanks in Advance