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RIP "DMilty" David Milty Milton

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  • RIP "DMilty" David Milty Milton

    On Aug 11th 2010 ......I not only Lost My Boyfriend ,Husband to be, We lost a a great rider.

    David Had a TL1000R that he rebuilt and Loved with all his Heart ♥

    I Stephanie Will hold his memory Alive with TL

    I now Own his bikes, I Myself Bike Lover will Carry on his Wishes to complete this project so he can look down and continue to be proud of his bike !!

    David's Life ended too quick at 36 years of age, following his Shoulder surgery of Aug11th 2010

    David was so Full of life and Loved His Bikes.

    We Had just bought a Busa aswell ..........

    SO here as he has been an active member for so many years I thank you for helping him out with new info and other helpful tips for his bike.

    xo Stephanie

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    Re: RIP "DMilty" David Milty Milton

    Didn't know him but RIP David.

    Sorry for your loss Stephanie!


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      Re: RIP "DMilty" David Milty Milton

      Originally posted by phatbstrd
      Didn't know him but RIP David.

      Sorry for your loss Stephanie!

      Mike Rock
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        Re: RIP "DMilty" David Milty Milton

        Ride on David..........

        People I will not deal with: tl1000swill or tlrwill or crazywheelie or whatever it decides to call himself.


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          Re: RIP "DMilty" David Milty Milton

          hi steph
          sorry to hear about dave
          spoke to him a couple of times
          so wots the plans for the bike sweet?
          we all on here and the zone will be happy to help you as much as u need us to


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            Re: RIP "DMilty" David Milty Milton

            Very sorry for your loss. There was a post circulating about his passing a little while ago and we added him to the "Fallen Members" section on the home page at that time. It's on the left hand column just under the recent threads section. I know it probably doesn't mean anything after such a loss but it's a little something we try to do to keep their name and memory around for years to come. Once again I'm truly sorry for your loss. And it's good to hear his passion was passed on.

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              Re: RIP &quot;DMilty&quot; David Milty Milton

              We're glad to have you onboard Steph .
              So sorry for your/our loss .
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                Re: RIP &quot;DMilty&quot; David Milty Milton



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                  Re: RIP &quot;DMilty&quot; David Milty Milton

                  Welcome Stephanie, sorry for your loss.
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                    Re: RIP &quot;DMilty&quot; David Milty Milton

                    Welcome Stephanie and I think I can say that we are all very sorry for your loss. I didnt know him personally(only exchanged a few pms about a couple of TL related pieces) but it looks like he put together one heck of a nice TLR and picked himself one heck of a good gal.


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                      Re: RIP &quot;DMilty&quot; David Milty Milton

                      Thanks Everyone !! I did See the Fallen Member to the side Very Nice of you all !!!

                      Dave Was amazing and I will never stop loving him or ever forget him

                      I stated riding a GSXR600 Dave was teaching me ! ill pick it up again Spring ..... but maybe one day ill take the TL out for a Ride once I get more experience

                      thanks again to you all, he was on here everyday, I know because he had his morning routine LOL laptop out in bed and looking around before he got up ......

                      he will live on in our hearts and he was an amazing rider !!!

                      Steph .
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                        Re: RIP &quot;DMilty&quot; David Milty Milton

                        Sorry for your loss Steph.

                        rest in peace Dave (Dmilty).
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                          Re: RIP &quot;DMilty&quot; David Milty Milton

                          Steph, he was a great person. I met him through the OSR. Will you post a pic of him on the dragon riding, and do you have the "bathing beauty" in flight off the bridge? That will show the fellow TL owners a glimpse of who he was.
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                            Re: RIP &quot;DMilty&quot; David Milty Milton

                            I remember the other threa about this when he passed. He was always such a nice guy.

                            Welcome! Glad to see you'll carry on his project!


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                              Re: RIP &quot;DMilty&quot; David Milty Milton

                              I did not know David but from the responses here i have no regret in saying.

                              Its not the time we have, its what we do with that time , our actions decide how we are remembered and our legacy to those we leave behind.

                              RIP "DMilty" David Milty Milton. you leave a great legacy.
                              if its not broken MOD it