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  • tl1000s clutch

    i have recently brought a 6 bolt pressure plate but i have a 97 tls with a 5 bolt clutch what do i need to change it to a six bolt

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    Re: tl1000s clutch

    You need a 6 bolt basket with plates and steels from a 99 onwards S or any TLR,fitting is a breeze and can be done on the sidestand without draining your oil.Remember to loctite spring posts etc.


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      Re: tl1000s clutch

      you need the entire clutch inc springs cam mechanism etc less a pressure plate.

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      But then I don't know all that much about TL's

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        Re: tl1000s clutch

        RHS clutch pushrod is a different length when going to a 6 spring unit too.
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          Re: tl1000s clutch

          It needs to be 100mm IIRC

          I know mine was a little long when I finally left it and thought I couldn't be bothered taking any more off, and adjusting the clutch again.

          Mine is at present 102.6mm and works fine, but the adjuster screw is wound right out.
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            Re: tl1000s clutch

            Whats the benefit of a 6 bolt over a 5 bolt are there more plates or something ?
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              Re: tl1000s clutch

              The 6-spring basket and hub will take the early 6-spring disc pack or the late-model 6-spring disc pack which has 2 more discs, which is what you want to use.

              The clutch cam set is always the first thing to go on any TL clutch, so I recommend getting that set of parts new.
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