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  • Clutch problems

    Need some help here guys, I replaced the stator on my 01 TLR and chain and sprockets, well going to put my clutch release cylinder on, noticed it was out, pushed it in so I could bolt it up, got ever thing together and now when I pull the clutch lever in, the clutch does not disengage, the lever goes straight to the handle bars with no pressure. I didnt think I would have to bleed it since I didnt looosen the banjo bolts? any ideas? Im gonna go try to bleed it here in a minute and see if that helps, but figured I would ask on here for some other ideas

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    Re: Clutch problems

    Yep, bleed it, then do it again and again and again. When you're sure it has to be properly bled, do it two or three more times and you should be good. I don't know why but the thing is notoriously hard to bleed and I had to bleed mine every time I unbolted it.
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