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TL1000S Left & Right Cans

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  • TL1000S Left & Right Cans

    I purchased after market cans for 1997 TL1000S. Cans are identical and there in lies the problem, right side ok but left side mounts slightly rotated so that the outlet points outwards & logo is not horizontal. It looks like there should be a left & right can type. Supplier says there are no left & right TL1000S cans, just one type x 2.

    Anyone else had similar problem.

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    Re: TL1000S Left & Right Cans

    My aftermarket megacycle cans were symetrical. Didn't matter which went where. The cans of the full M4 system I later fitted were also symetrical, except the M4 badges would have been on the inside in stead of the outside if they were put on oppostie sides.

    (Perhaps they assembled it slighty incorrectly )
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      Re: TL1000S Left & Right Cans

      I had a similar problem when I cut down some cans... I measured up where I wanted the end cap on the right side can, cut both cans the came. Then realised the left can pointed in the wrong direction.

      Who were the cans from?
      Do they make the cans?
      If yes, then I'd suggest marking the sleeve of the cans (not permanently) in the twelve o'clock position, where you want the the end caps to sit to correct the direction problem.
      Then send the cans back to the manufacturer (get proof of postage) explaining the problem, and ask them to reproduce the position you've marked them in.

      Or do it yourself, not ideal on new cans, but...

      drill the rivets out,
      remove the end cap,
      cut the sleeve below the holes,
      fit and mark the end cap where you want it,
      drill new holes,
      refit end caps
      rivet together again.

      I'd be sending them back though.
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        Re: TL1000S Left & Right Cans

        funny i have kind of the same issue but with a set of stock cans. at one point i had 3 pairs of cans baffled, unbaffled and a pair of yoshi trs's.

        the baffled cans hang/sit fine where they should. they also have the factory mounts on them

        the yoshi's hung fine as well using the yoshi bracket.

        the unbaffled stock cans however do not, the factory mount was ground off and uses a universal hanger. it doesnt matter which can but the one that ends up on the right side of the bike always points inwards and is rolled inwards more than the left.....ive tried flip flopping cans and hangers and it happens to both.


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          Re: TL1000S Left & Right Cans

          legnth ok?,,,did you try swapping mid'sjust a thoungt
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            Re: TL1000S Left & Right Cans

            Thanks for the responses. Cans are Viper bolt-on & I have checked other brands & they use same 2 x one style fitment also. I have not seen the bike in question, it belongs to my brother & all he did was remove factory cans & fit the new ones. Factory setup was ok. I hope to see the problem for myself in the next couple of days. Maybe the "left" one is assembled wrong.


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              Re: TL1000S Left & Right Cans

              Have had a good look at the problem, appears that Viper has goofed when making the cans. Both cans are identical but slightly assymetric, both outlets point slightly to the right when viewed from behind the bike.

              They look & sound good so will mod "left" one by removing rivets at the base & rotating can to the left & then re-rivet.


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                Re: TL1000S Left & Right Cans

                Update on the twisted can issue, appears my supplier has checked their inventory & discovered that their current batch of Viper brand round cans are in fact manufactuired incorrectly. They all have a slight twist that results in an outlet offset to the right. The oval version is ok. Supplier was happy to exchange but decided no big problem to fix & saves hassle of return freight etc. They have offered a 10% refund.


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                  Re: TL1000S Left & Right Cans

                  I'd be telling tem you want at least a 50% refund.

                  Its their mistake, you have bought it to their attention, and it could have taken a lot longer for them to uncover it. Therefore they would have incurred greater expense having to pay to have the faulty ones shipped back to them.

                  At the very least take the 10% deduction, AND make them cough for the return shipping to replace it.

                  You could fix it yourself, but they have admitted there is a problem. If you modify the cans and later need a warranty claim. you will NOT be covered.

                  Make them sort out the problem at their expense not yours... THE CUSTOMER.
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