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Submersible (in tank) fuel injection hose.

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  • Submersible (in tank) fuel injection hose.

    After many hours searching the web and driving around industrial parks i finally found some submersible fuel hose for the fuel filter mod on my 97 TLS.

    Although the hose is not marked with SAE30R10 it is suitable for use inside the fuel tank and has a 145 psi rating. It is made from NBR rubber on the inside and on the outside and is used by BMW on their motorcycles and cars inside the tank, after the fuel pump and is completely submerged in fuel.
    It measures 8mm inside and 13mm outside.

    It is a genuine BMW item, part number 16121180040.
    Here it is on this parts diagram. It is item number 8.

    I only needed a 6 inch length to connect the metal pipes on the fuel pump after i removed the stock filter.
    Because i bought far too much hose (just in case i made a mistake) i am going to chop up the remainder into 8" inch lengths and sell them cheaply to fellow TL owners.

    There is submersible fuel hose for sale on ebay (Australia) for 18.38 ($27.50)
    for a 12" inch length which seems very expensive.

    I have about 4 portions to sell and will charge 5.00 each with free delivery inside the UK.
    I am willing to post to the US, however I found that this type of hose is readily available to our American friends.

    Please do your own research and make your own calls to BMW yourselves if you need to, because i wont be held responsible if something happens inside your tank.

    Dibs on the 4 portions i have.


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    Re: Submersible (in tank) fuel injection hose.

    Please move his post to the thread in the frequent mods section about the filter mods.
    It's about control skill; this is a motorized dance for joy and not Russian roulette.