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  • Anyone experienced this?

    Iím not sure if anyone has experienced anything similar or knows what the solution is to this problem?
    While riding the following happens intermittently. When I say intermittently Iíd say once every 100 to 200 kms, give or take.

    The bikes fi light comes on and starts running rough and dies when come to a stop.
    When then try to start need to give it heaps of gas otherwise wonít start.
    When starts itís impossible to get it to rev at a stable level.
    Usually the revs just keep climbing real high and then I back off gas and just before it dies I try to give it more gas.
    As it takes a lot of effort and draws a lot of attention, lately I just wait till the traffic lights go green then start it and take off. When take off acceleration is not smooth and you know if you pull the clutch in for too long while moving itís going to die again.

    The first time it happened was after had it for 3 months and riding with low fuel light flashing. Went straight to petrol station and filled up and was running perfectly again.
    Think it happens more so when hit bumps, pot holes.
    Think happens more so when bike running low on fuel.
    Lately been filling up tank after done no more than about 100kms Seems to be occurring less (Although recently noticed tank was almost full, just done under 20kms but hit a real beauty and bike started running crap for the next say 5 minutes or so)

    Sometimes when hit small bumps or am not too smooth with throttle fi light comes on but still runs ok.
    Always fill up with 98 octane.

    Ps.: had major service done shortly after this first started happening. I explained to mechanic pulled c13 code, that being intake air pressure sensor. When picked it up bike he mentioned there was small crack in intake air pressure hose and he replaced it.

    Iíd love to work this it out rather than potentially bringing it back and still possibly not having problem solved. Any ideas would be helpful TL brothers and sisters!...Anyone who has made it to the end I congratulate you for your persistence

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    Re: Anyone experienced this?

    could it be your fuel pick up (mesh sock inside the tank) is full of crap and when you hit a bump the crap is falling thru it is clogging the the fuel pump?
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      Re: Anyone experienced this?

      When the F1 light goes and the bike dies it will throw a code out on your LCD, this would direct you to a start point of your problem. As it is not terminal the bike is allowed to re start this is a good thing. It could be more then one problem.

      Bet it 's a faulty connection i.e. Bumps potholes as you say initiate the problem.

      I am sure Sam or the like will chime in soon.

      Happy hunting there is a F1 spreadsheet available on the site.



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        Re: Anyone experienced this?

        If you're not suffering from overheating problems, ride around in dealer mode. (You lose the temperature display).

        Read off any codes thrown (when you turn the ignition off all codes are lost).

        Dealer mode and fault codes here >>
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          Re: Anyone experienced this?

          Thanks, I'll try a few of the things out that was mentioned. Once it's sorted I'll post what the problem was so it can maybe help someone else out in the future. It's good to be able to get feedback from TL owners and hats off to you guys who have put together heaps of info on web pages etc.


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            Re: Anyone experienced this?

            What Steve said. I suspect you've got a bad connection somewhere as well. You might let us know if you have an S or the superior R model. That makes it a bit easier to tell you what to look for and where to look for it.
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              Re: Anyone experienced this?

              ...^^... if the "R" where superior it would be an "S" but back to business i would also suspect fuel delivery system along with loose connection ie. kick stand safety lock out etc.
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                Re: Anyone experienced this?

                Originally posted by CWBethel View Post
                ...^^... if the "R" where superior it would be an "S" but back to business i would also suspect fuel delivery system along with loose connection ie. kick stand safety lock out etc.
                Thanks check it out and report back when sorted. Going to see if can make problem happen. Problem is deciding which ride I'm prepared to spoil to do this.

                Yes It's and S model, 99, midnight blue, and I'm starting to drool thinking about it. Isn't it funny how when it comes to our baby it's always the best baby out there.

                Yeh I'm not ruling out loose connection but definately think suspect fuel delivery system as always starts first time and idles and runs really good generally.


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                  Re: Anyone experienced this?

                  arrrrrr well theres your problem. ive been telling you its the fuel and get dealer mode going etc and connectors......its not..its the "S"...problem solved = buy an "R"


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                    Re: Anyone experienced this?

                    make sure the wires going to your coils are nice and tight i had the same problem.


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                      Re: Anyone experienced this?

                      My 97 TLS had a very similar problem.
                      My problems were due to an inch of water in the bottom of the tank.
                      I completely solved it by cleaning the tank out - got new pump gasket and did the fuel filter mod at the same time.


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                        Re: Anyone experienced this?

                        Hey CD. I recently went through something very similar with my TLR. It turned out to be loose wiring at the starter solenoid. It was one of the (4) 16 gauge wires that run through that solenoid. The original factory connector had been a problem at that solenoid years ago and so I cut the connector and hooked the wires up individually. That worked fine for several tears until one of MY connections worked it's way loose. Like your bike , it would run just fine sometimes and then other times it would act funny , or just not run at all. whenever it would act up , it would throw the C-41 code. That code tells you that the fuel pump relay is at fault but , it was not. I'm not sure if the S has the same setup at the starter solenoid , but I think it's worth looking into.
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