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  • Ohlin's Rear 46 PRC

    Scroll down to the Suzuki section and take a gander at the TL portion. Does this sound right? Anybody every bought from this business before? $780.95 seems awful cheap for a retail price point. My good friend who owns a parts/specialty bike shop said the best he could get me a new Ohlin's rear setup to my weight/riding style including shipping and CC fees at his cost would be $1K. Feedback please I sent them (Newport Cycle) an email earlier this evening and will post up with anything they have to say in response.

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    Re: Ohlin's Rear 46 PRC

    Bumper... All emails to the site get rejected. Site says:

    "Please Note:

    The owner of NCP has been in the hospital for 3 months and recently just returned. He apologizes for any mix-ups that may have happened to any orders while he was absent. Currently NCP is moving, and will be back up in 1-2 weeks.

    Please bear with us - we look forward to taking care of all our loyal customers."

    Don't bother emailing in other words. I'm calling in the morning....we shall see if somebody picks up...
    I'll post anything I find out.
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      Re: Ohlin's Rear 46 PRC

      Bump....yet again. God I love talkin' to myself. So I did some sniffing around and it looks to me like this of cat feces, or just plain ol' feces if you prefer. Dunno about y'all, but when BMW dudes start gettin' their undies bundled up over sh!t, well, I tend to comply. Here's a quote from a Beemer forum in RE: to Newport Cycle per my previous post in regards to their extremely cheap Ohlin's rear:

      "Post #1:
      Newport Cycle Parts (Baaddd!!!)

      On April 25th I ordered an Ohlins rear shock for my GS1150 from Newport Cycle Parts ( over their web site. On April 30th I received an Ohlins rear shock for an LT. Mistakes happen so I called Newport Cycle Parts to get it straightened out. I talked with a woman named Sereina who said she was helping her boyfriend run the shop while he was in the hospital. I was supposed to send the shock back to her and she would send the correct one out to me. While we were talking she told me that caller id had identified me as the state agency that I work for. Not surprising since I was calling from work. She had some questions regarding the agency that I couldn't answer (not my department) but I directed her to someone who could. Not the standard "call this number" but a friend of mine who deals with the stuff she was having a problem with and could give it some personal attention. The next day she called me back and asked that I ship the shock I had to a customer in Virginia if I hadn't sent it back to Newport yet. I was supposed to let her know what the shipping costs were and she would reimburse me. At the time she told me my shock was on the way. I hadn't shipped the shock to Newport yet and this was agreeable to me so I sent the shock to the address in Virginia she'd given me. As of May 12 I hadn't received my shock so I sent them an email to the address on their website asking about it and informing them what the shipping charges were to send the other shock to Virginia. After 24 hours I hadn't received an email reply so I tried calling the shop and got no answer. I called Serenia cell phone number which she'd given me in our first conversation and left a message. I called the shop on May 15 and still got no answer. I left Sereina another message. I called the shop on May 18th and there was now an answering machine. So I left a message saying I was going to dispute the charge on my credit card. I've done that and ordered a shock from a different supplier.

      I guess this is partly a warning about Newport Cycle Parts and partly a rant. I wouldn't order from them right now. I don't understand how in business you can take someone's money and then ignore them. Things happen and we all have unforeseen problems arise but how long does it take to send an email or return a phone call and explain the problem? I guess I'm just out the shipping costs for sending the shock to Virginia. I hope the next time someone asks me to do them a favor and I say no friggin way they'll understand.

      Newport Cycle Parts


      4/30 place an order for parts
      5/7 sent an email to chk status, they never responded and never answered their phone.
      5/11 after I threatend to cancel the order, SERENIA responded and said that parts were shipped on 5/10.
      5/18 still no parts, emailed & called, no response, told them to cancel my order.
      5/24 Guess what shows up, the parts!, however they were mailed on 5/21!!!
      Refused service because on 5/18 I ordered parts from another supplier.

      5/24-6/10, They won't refund me my money. I've had to file a complaint with the Better Busines Bureau and a claim with my credit card company and still nothing.


      Derek Ryan"

      I dunno, I'm a patient guy. These Beemer guys did indeed get their parts....just a little later than they expected to. I'm still a gonna call in the mornin' and see if lil' miss Sereina is bullsh!tting her way to a sale with me. As before, I'll post up any dirty deet's I get.


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        Re: Ohlin's Rear 46 PRC



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          Re: Ohlin's Rear 46 PRC

          "Geekly the BumpMeister"


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            Re: Ohlin's Rear 46 PRC

            Not that it's earth shattering news or anything, but don't bother with Newport Cycle. I can't even count how many times I've tried to contact them throughout the course of the day. Garbage I tell you!