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big tube exhaust headers

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  • big tube exhaust headers

    Has anyone built some on here? I thought I read a write up about it but didn't locate it. I think they used 2 1/8 tubing? I know most systems use 2". Is one better than the other? What is the benefit of the cross over? I'm looking at building a true 2 into 2 system. Thoughts? I need your help guys thanks

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    Re: big tube exhaust headers

    Come on guys this is going to be my project for the next couple months. I've done all the mods I can other then adjust valves. It will be a wile before paint.


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      Re: big tube exhaust headers

      Just get a full system, Yosh, M4 or best Akrapovic... if You can find one.
      Those will do just fine.


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        Re: big tube exhaust headers


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          Re: big tube exhaust headers

          I use stepped headers on my sprintcar motors. Basically from the block face out 5 inches its 1 5/8 tubing, then it "steps" into 1 3/4 before all 4 pipes merge into the collector. I also have a set of 1 3/4 all the way through. The stepped set gives me more bottom end, while not sacrificing the top end, I use these on smaller tighter tracks where I have to get off the gas in the corners. The other set is for bigger tracks where momentum is crucial. We have played with different combos, lengths, collector sizes, stepped, straight etc, lots done on the dyno. Some you gain somewhere and lose elsewhere, its all about compromise.

          My bike is bog stock at the moment, but I would like to upgrade it and the plans include making my own headers and muffler system.

          Before I start however I will get the bike Dynoed, and after each change that I make that I regard as performance enhancing, not cosmetic I will dyno it again to see if its gotten any better.

          Good luck with your headers, keep us posted......


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            Re: big tube exhaust headers

            I'm going to start with a stalk headers then step up after I think 11" to 2 1/8" I think. I have the cans I'm going to use. I just can't make my self spend a grand or more on a system. My wife probably wouldn't care but I just can't. Hell I have stainless 2" and 2 1/8 tubing. Hell there isn't 100 in tubing in the headers.


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              Originally posted by Doug

              I can second that. I dont think it is ultra crucial as to where the tube actually grows in diameter. On the system I built for the race bike of Andys I used a stock front header pipe but ground and smoothed the inside weld, with it ground the difference between stock and 2" is not much, and it was way too much work to make flanges etc and you are kind of stuck on the rear anyway. So I used the stock rear stub tube and then used the tapered piece to go up to the large od and that is welded right after the rear stock header connection and it tapers up inside the rear swing arm and is full diameter by the time it exits out the bottom. Then measured the distance from the rear head to where I welded on the tapered piece and went to the front header and cut it the same distance from the head and inserted the taper there. I did make both pipes the same length from head to muffler, the rear cylinder pipe went forward as soon as it exited the swingarm then turned and went back and out. Get a doughnut from a hotrod shop as they are available in stainless or mild steel and they come in a radius bend 360 degrees where the radius is equal to 1 tube diameter saves a ton of welding little pieces and has better flow I will post a pic for you.

              Originally Posted by drH
              Please give a few more details on that donut Doug. I am seriously considering a header and love the idea of cutting and pasting a little less.

              I get mine from a local hotrod shop call B&N hotrod and fabrication 604 944-0321 Port Coquitlam BC Canada. I dont think they have a web site. Comes in all sizes mild steel and stainless 2 1/4 mild steel was about 75.00 cdn if I remember last time I bought one. The radius of the bend is equal to the diameter of the tube size this is as tight a bend as you can get without cutting and welding little peices and the flow would not be as good. I did see them at another hotrod supplier on the web but damned if I can find them again think it was somewhere in Oregon. Believe these are actually made in Australia. You only need 1 to build a tl header as it does the tight bends from the rear pipe if you are trying to build it equal length. This and about 2 45-180 avaiable from ebay or performance curve and you pretty well have enough tube to build a whole header except for maybe 1 small straight piece plus you will need the transitions from somebody like Burns stainless or SPD exhaust parts.

              Originally Posted by TLR-Brendan
              Doug, in another post about your header you said it wasn't the lightest due to the pipe thickness. If you had to guess, how heavy would you say your exhaust is. Would it be comparable to a stock header in weight?

              It all comes down to wall thickness of pipe used and what you are prepared to spend. I did it in .065 wall which is reasonable to weld and weights about the same as the stock header, most of the weight in the stock system is in the cans. If you want it as light as say a Yosh system it can be done but you will have to order all your tube from somebody like Burns and they have it as thin as .035 wall which is even lighter than a Yosh pipe and is now a lot harder to weld without blowing holes through it and it costs a lot more. All for saving a few pounds of weight down below the cg, I dont feel its worth going to the trouble.

              the first 2 systems I built used mild steel as I only had an arc welder or a mig. Recently bought a Chinese tig welder which is very nice has high frequency pulse and ac and goes down to about 3 amps so it makes welding header tubing way easier and now I can weld aluminum and stainless. What you can do is tack weld the header together and then find somebody with a tig to finish it off that is what I did on the first 2 as trying to arc weld .065 is rather difficult. Even mig welding thin wall is not easy as the wire feed itself has a tendency to punch holes through the tube at low current settings as the wire doesnt melt fast enough. Can be done if you setup the mig with the right size wire and you probably could weld stainless with the mig if you used the right filler wire and got an argon bottle instead of co2. Need to back gas the tube on stainless or you will have problems. Mostly those are the reasons I used mild steel and just painted it black anyway with high temp paint, for a race bike it looks just fine.


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                Re: big tube exhaust headers

                Thank you PATCH11


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                  Re: big tube exhaust headers

                  Last system I made was 57mm headers, any bigger than that and you'd have serious ground clearance issues unless you don't go round corners

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                    just noticed I missed the first post in that thread - oops, here 'tis

                    Originally posted by Sam:
                    Help with Bernhard/Doug 57mm Exhaust Headers

                    I lost out the Ben on the last one that came up for sale, so I'm going to make my own but route underseat in a 2-2 system.

                    I've read the Bernhard Posts and Studied all the photo's I can find but can't quite tie up the bends/tube sizes and where they change.

                    Hoping for some help from those with his systems or the elusive dimensioned header photo that I remember but can't find

                    He quoted the following :-

                    Bends, 1x48mm, 1x52mm, 2-3x 57mm

                    Straight pipes:
                    45mm: 10cm ;
                    48mm: 20cm,
                    52mm: 30cm,
                    57mm: 150cm.
                    60mm: 20cm for slip on connections
                    Crossovers: bend pipes in 30/35mm.

                    On the front header I'm guessing the following :-

                    A = 45mm
                    B = 48mm
                    C = 48mm
                    D = 52mm
                    E = 57mm
                    F - 57mm

                    Rear Header I'm struggling as I don't have a stub pipe handy to measure and I can't place the 52mm bend from the list as it looks like I-J increases meaning the bend must be smaller or the 52mm bend is actually on the front header

                    G = 48mm
                    H = ?mm
                    I = ?mm
                    J = 52mm
                    K = 57mm
                    L = 57mm


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                      Re: big tube exhaust headers

                      Originally posted by Sam View Post
                      Last system I made was 57mm headers, any bigger than that and you'd have serious ground clearance issues unless you don't go round corners
                      Carl has Bernhard headers on his TLS, and they got nicely shaved down at Mallory park.
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                        Re: big tube exhaust headers

                        Hopefully I will be able to start this project monday.
                        Thanks for the tubing size advice Sam.


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                          Re: big tube exhaust headers

                          Now that I have plenty of time on my hands.
                          Thanks to the dam mexicans taking my job!!!!!


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                            Re: big tube exhaust headers

                            Originally posted by mudduck9 View Post
                            ...dam mexicans...


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                              Re: big tube exhaust headers

                              Originally posted by Chris View Post
                              Carl has Bernhard headers on his TLS, and they got nicely shaved down at Mallory park.

                              the pic on the box is mine....about 30s after i got it.....
                              TL1000SV(97),1040 bore kit,suz 21 cams.radiusd inlets,full 57mm system.pc111.k & n,+ mod,charging mod,gsxr radial front end..tlr swingarm,ride height adjuster,ohlins rear damper..