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Looking for the Hammerit domestic distributor

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  • Looking for the Hammerit domestic distributor

    I am looking to contact the domestic (U.S ) distributor for the Hamerit products. I am lookng to buy for Ram air tube, a clear wind screen, and a fully enclosed race tail for a 98 Gixxer 6. I found a cheap track bike and I am trying to bring it back up to my standards. I did a couple of track days on the tiller and it was a blast, but just end up to worried about watching my street bike go tumbling down the track.
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    There currently is no US Distributor that carries GSXR Parts. Perhaps once the Florida location is up and running they will have Gixxer parts but until then you may have to order directly from SA. That's what I had to do.
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      Once the Florida wharehouse is set up the US distributors will start up
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