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Titanium sliders

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  • Titanium sliders

    Bought a set of these recently from here

    and they turned up a couple of days ago. They look pretty good ... should last a while too

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    no track around here that i know of let's you ride with metal sliders



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      I use a set of sparky pucks from I think they are Wiz brand name. They arent 100% TI but the do fine, and seem to last awhile, unless your my buddy Lance and wear thru them in a 2 week period of street riding..............that dudes a nut

      Enjoy, wait until you touch down might want to warn guys riding behind you, it will scare the hell out of them.


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        The track I go to doesnt have an issue with them... bit of a poser item I suppose but I coulnt find anything else to buy for the bike for that price or less and I had a major urge to spend some cash


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          You just need titainium toe sliders to match. Nice and sparky. I got some OXTAR EVO`s with Ti toe sliders......they do the job well.


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            if you wanted pucks to last, get the asphalt and gas endurance or the dainese hard plastic pucks (the 1's rossi uses). wear on those are really good.

            better hope yer buds like hot sparks sprayin' in their visors or not follow too closely. like said, no tracks around here allow em and for good reason. there have been a few incidents w/ the infield catching on fire w/ those Ti pucks. also riders following closely really don't appreciate getting a face full of sparks. esp. if they have expensive iridium visors (sparks will melt the visors).

            if anything, i woulda opted for the 1's that have little Ti bits embedded rather than an entire puck made of Ti.

            titanium should stay on the bike.
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              Plenty of peeps must hate Troy Bayliss then, he shoots sparks off hard parts all the time.

              Sparks from sliders starting fires? I've set myself on fire once or twice with an angle grinder, but it's rare (heavy grinding and sparks within one foot) The sparks that make it 6 foot from my bench or angle grinder I don't worry about. I doubt if a following rider suited up will feel anything at all, and if they're looking where they are supposed to be they'll see jack shit.

              I'd follow you Rupes, except I like to get out of 1st occasionally
              "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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                Originally posted by Steve TLS
                Plenty of peeps must hate Troy Bayliss then, he shoots sparks of hard parts all the time.

                I'd follow you Rupes, except I like to get out of 1st occasionally
                Hey you'd get outta first a lot more often if you did'nt keep stopping to compile spreadsheets on fuel and tyre usage....

                AMCN interviewed Troy and Colin and as I recall Colin Edwards remarked that he backed off out of habit when following Troy everytime he saw sparks, thinking he was about to dump it. But it was just the (apparently not allowed) Ti toe sliders