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  • update on my bike

    as you guys may know, my bike died 3 or so weeks ago and i had to take it to the dealer. The owner marsha told me that it will more than likely be fixed under warranty and that the problem was the stator. She said the tech's have narrowed it down to that and have ordered a new stator and crank position sensor because they have something relative to do with each other and that i should have it back by wednesday! I am sooo excited! Ever since it has been in the shop i have been watching the speed channel and my star boyz/ruthless tactics/urban assault/judgement day dvd's to keep my urges at bay.....It is so on come next week. Thank you guys for the technical help when i posted about the problem a bit ago.

    2001 TL1000R

    Carbon Kevlar gsxr1000 solo tail w/ r6 taillights/hammerit tlr/r kit/ full yosh w/ carbon cans/ attack rearsets/ hermit dragon exhaust hangars/Stainless braided brakelines front and back/ EBC HH pads/ BMC race filter/ PC2/ metzler sporttech tires/ carbon here and there/ racelite fairingstay/ Olhins steering damper/ Polished frame, swingarm, subframe................STILL A PILE OF SHIT

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    Welcome back!
    PCIIIUSB::CZ wheels::Akra f/s custom cans&hangers::Bitubo shock::GSXR750 K4 legs::R1 calipers::GSXR K2 rear caliper::ExtremeTech damper::Race rearsets::Joe V mod::K&N filter::Van's CCC+PP::Barnett springs::GiPro ATRE::1/5 throttle::C/F mirrors+hugger+fender+tankprotector::LP screen::mod subframe w/ gap tray::undertail::flush indicators::Van's rear cup::Brembo 19x18::Braided lines::Galfer wave rear rotor::Speedking mod OEM rotors::Van's ecc::WC clipons::520 @ 16/40::Van's spr cover::TWM cap::


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      Welcome back I was starting to look for you on milk cartons
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        I see Dead People...............

        No really,i see them all the time. I put them in my ambulance.


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          Hey do they shampoo the fur for you as part of your stealer service j/k
          Glad to hear you will be back on two...well uh one wheel soon


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            Originally posted by MotoTiller
            Hey do they shampoo the fur for you as part of your stealer service j/k
            Glad to hear you will be back on two...well uh one wheel soon
            SOLD! 2002 Suzuki TL1000R - Blue/White
            Two Brothers Exhaust - YAFMS Remap - Ohlins Rear Shock - FSMD Undertail - Rear Hugger - No-Cut Frame Sliders - Custom Airbrushed Solo Tail Cowl


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              Originally posted by MotoTiller
              Glad to hear you will be back on two...well uh one wheel soon
              I've got a huge penis, You've got a huge penis, even Tim over there, yup you guessed it, huge penis. Good, now that that's out of the way, let's go ride


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                Just a few mods:

                Silver, the fastest color!

                On the inside - HID type bulbs, K&N filter, Iridium ix plugs, 16T front sprocket, Coerce billet sprocket cover, Yosh re-map +5, +5, +5 11 o'clock, Scorpio SE-i500 system from my GB and an ATRE.

                On the outside - TLR forks, front carbon fender, 5/8th master brake cylinder, black SS brake lines (frnt & rear), braking waves all around with Ti bolts, Brembo gold front calipers & a busa gold rear caliper, flush mount signals (frnt & rear), ZG DB scr


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                  Glad to have you back!!!!


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                    Did they check the air intake system for fur balls too?
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                      Glad you made it back
                      Originally posted by TLCURT
                      Because TL's fucking rock.

                      It's a cult own one is to love one.


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                        Glad to have you back??

                        What kind of a warranty did your bike have on it? I thought it was a couple years old at least.
                        Galfer braided lines throughout, ATRE, UFO tailight, ET79 Undertail and Hugger, 520 16/39 Gold Chain combo, Full Yosh C/F exhuast, Corbin seat, Ohlins Steering Damper, Ohlins Rear Suspension, Tinted Double Bubble Windscreen, Sylvania Superwhites, Yosh Box Remapped and all protected by GORILLA Alarm System