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GSXR Gauge Reading wrong MPH

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  • GSXR Gauge Reading wrong MPH

    I haven't confirmed it yet, and really can't until monday, but it seems as if the GSXR gauges I set up (as per diagrams) is off.

    For starters my fuel light started blinking at 80 mi (was a full tank)
    and lately when i think i am traveling the speed limit, I am passing most everyone without much problem at all?

    Any sugguestions? anything i did wrong?

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    what's your gearing on your TLS...also the lights are different on the gsxr, goes solid, then blinks....



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      got any pics of your mod? like to see 'em!
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        No pics as of yet... It is held together with cardboard as of right now.. but i will get that set up on monday.

        Gearing should be 100% stock. Or at least that is how i think i bought it. I also know the GSXR gas light works in that Solid, then blinking fashion...

        Keep the ideas comming!


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          What are you guys paying for your GSXR Gauges

          I have been watching them for a fair while on Ebay but unfortunately most of them don't/wont ship out of the US.

          This is the first set of 03 gauges i have seen on ebay:
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            I paid $200 (shipped) for my Gauges and my Fairing stay.

            All in all a good deal


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              go though and verify your connections and wire locations.

              I am getting between 110 and 117 before the light goes solid first then flashed next.

              My MPH on the gixer 1000 set I am running is exactly 2 mph off from exact reading from my Sigma 1200BC computer. My gearing is 17 front and (up 3) 41 rear
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                Won't the gearing change your MPH reading unless you have a YellowBox?


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                  Looks like the Gixxer gearing and speedo calibration is way different to the TL.

                  appears a 17/43 gives the correct pulse rate, looks like you'll be needing that yellow box because what you have observed would be correct, your gixxer speedo is reading well under what you are actually doing.

                  Most error goes the other way, speedo reads high. That's because we lower the ratio. What you have effectively done is geared up / raised the ratio. (compared to the gixxer)
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                    So I am actually going faster than my speedo is reading? is there any way to figure out exactly how much faster? Not to mention, is there anyway to figure out a way to fix the pulse rate without a yellow-box?

                    Or maybe I should just go Three up in the back!?

                    PS - Isn't this all technically illigal, because the bikes Clocks will have false numbers. Due to the fact that the Gauges are sitting in my closet? Or should I just be keeping track of the milage on the GSXR gauges and tell people how it works out if i ever sell it?!


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                      Go three up! You are going faster than what your speedo says.

                      Different clocks, different numbers?
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