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    i just got a set of rs3 carbon yosh's for my tlr. the bike ran great for the first 70 miles. the bike now back fires on down shift pretty bad and sounds like crap when idleing. it kinda sounds like a car with a hole in the manifold exhaust. dont seem to notice any power loss or gain. i was wondering if some remapping is necessary? if so, where do i start? i dont have any other mods to my bike and i dont have a power commander.

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    Make sure the new system is not leaking. Leaks will cause backfires too.
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      get in on the group PC buy. I have the same problem now and plan on doing the airbox mod which will make it worst.

      chances are the PC group buy is not going to happen because of the little interest in it. I am still getting one!!!

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        Remove your pair valve if you havent done that. When you install new pipes if you dont remove the pair valve it will back fire like that.
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          ended up being loose bolts on the exhaust headers. thanks anyway.