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foam on airbox intakes

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  • foam on airbox intakes

    Has anyone else noticed the foam that seals their airbox to the frame at the ram air inlets sticking up into the airway? Mine seems like more of a restrictor than anything else, so I tore it out. Is this bad? It didn't seem to change the way it rode, but I'm still going to replace it with something. Maybe some thinner weatherstripping. Alas, I do not have a digital camera with which to whore this thread. Forgive me.

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    cut it out

    I've noticed the same thing and thought of taking out the same piece. How did you remove it? Did you just cut it out from the inside?
    I know nothing about bikes.


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      I pulled the airbox out of the bike and tore out the majority of the foam. I then soaked what was left of it in WD-40 for a few minutes and wiped the rest away with a rag. WD is great for neutralizing adhesive.