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Chains and locking up bike

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  • Chains and locking up bike

    Well, I'm looking into a locking system that cements into the existing slab. Does anyone know of such a system?

    What I would like to do is buy a Kryptonite "New York Fahgettaboudit" chain and lock system and am wanting to be able to lock it to a piece in the cement or something that can't be cut etc.

    Does anybody have a place to look for such an item? I think TLRdoug had something similar to what I'm looking for.


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    locked up

    I believe Kryptonite offers the item your looking for. You have to hammer drill the cement though to then place the bolt in as the anchor. You can just go buy an anchor bolt from a hardware store then drill a hole through it for the same affect.
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      There are a few that have a steel shield and bolts that you can pull the front into and locks it down.. There were about 13 ads in superbike (uk) magazine in the back for locks.. I'll check it for you when I get home.. (If I can remember.. )
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        You should be able to get a bolt down one that includes expanding bolts and a chemical/resin to pour in the hole for added security. If you can't get it included you should be able to purchase seperatly.I'll look in MCN on Weds see if their are any ads.
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          great, thanks TLSpilot!!!