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polishing stock TLS header /warning pics inside

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  • polishing stock TLS header /warning pics inside

    Used a cordless drill and a cheap black & decker wire wheel. Black coating comes off pretty easy some parts are tougher than others.
    Everyone dies but not everyone lives

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    Everyone dies but not everyone lives


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      here is the drill I used
      Everyone dies but not everyone lives


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        pics dont do it justice its not even a 1 megapixel camera. Those areas I did took about 10 minutes. I need to remove my exhaust to replace a gasket so I will finish the rest when its off the bike
        Everyone dies but not everyone lives


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          Looks good, now just work your way down with the grit to really fine and they'll be polished for ah, 1 hr at most and they'll be golden brown!!!! Enjoy all your hard work cause in about ten min., the nice polish will be gone!

          The only reason I'm so bitter, if you can't tell, is because I did mine 90% by hand and it turned the goldenish brown I referred to earlier!

          Good luck!!!


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            2000 tillis plus stuff with some polished stuff and some carbon fiber stuff and a little bit of tlr stuff and some gsxr stuff

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              no, the heat changes the color of the metal. My SV did the same thing when I swapped on a full system
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                looks good so far. if you polish them with Mothers all purpose metal cleaner after every ride you can avoid the heat discoloration quite a bit. i've kept after the stock mid pipe section of my exhaust and they are still very shiny and don't have that golden brown tint to them.
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                  If it looks a golden color that wont bother me too bad. I just cant stand the way the y look stock. I will get a full system but I want to replace the rear shock first.
                  Everyone dies but not everyone lives