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  • New Member wants to know about passengers

    I am doing my research on what I would like my next toy to be. I really like the tiller because I have only seen one around my area and my friend owns an RC51 and just loves the low end of the bike around town. I would buy an RC51, but I can't be seen on a matching bike, I am partial to Suzukis, I can get a tiller for so much less, I don't like red, and the lines of this bike are just beautiful. Plus, the RC is completely worthless for passengers. I have heard it described by a woman that it feels like she is humping up on her husband in traffic. How is the TLR? I don't plan on taking off the hump very often, but if I am to convince the wife that I should get one bike over another it will be because I can take her for a ride now and then. (My secret plan is to teach her to ride on an old dirt bike of mine and get her an SV650, and then the hump will never come off) But for now I need to be able to take her with me.

    Thanks guys

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    TLR is going to be Amazing in comparison to the RC51.

    My girlfriend has been on the back of a R1, R6, Sv650S, and my TLS.

    She has since said the TLS (i don't think the R is much different) is by far the most comfortable.

    By the way.. the way sportbikes are set up, the Passenger is almost always humping up on the passenger, and thats the way I like it!


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      My other half likes the pillion seat on the TLR. However, it is a little too wide and the footpegs as per usual are quite high up. Before i installed a GripMatt on the seat she would slide around a bit and now she finds she can't slide enough (ie. side to side for bends). Oh, and the TLR seat isn't perched as high above the solo seat as on alot of sports bikes - so odd's are that she won't be able to see over your head. Comfort is good.
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        The Tiller is great for passangers. My wife loves the TL much better than my Gixxer. Her only complaint is that it gets hot back there!!!

        Welcome to the Planet where you can have all your humpin' questions answered!!!

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          All the girls I take out say that it's very comfortable.. but then again at 110mph they tend not to think about how the seat feels...
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            My gf says its much more comfortable then the R6 was..but she still doesn't like it. But that might be because now she has her own bike


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              I had a pillion on the weekend.. she too complains of sliding around on the seat a lot.. she sais the ZX9 another mate has is a lot more comfortable for her... I don't think she's been shoe-horned on the back of a real sports bike though, so probably doesnt' have a lot to compare it too.


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                my girl doesn't complain, but the tillis is the first bike she's been on, so what does she know!
                most of the time she's just laughing her head off when i rocket the bike out of corners, or 'try' to stoppie at traffic lights

                seat is good i guess, but the footrests are way high (for long-legged women )


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                  Is the TLS seating position in your picture the same or near the same as the TLR? How tall is your pillion in the picture? My wife is 5'5" and far from long legged. Your passenger doesn't look like she is stretching too bad.

                  She mentioned me getting a bike like a Hardley or a Wing. I about fell over. She wants a back rest. I told her that if I ever had an American motorcycle it would be a chopper that I put together from a kit and it would have a solo seat anyway. I told her to ask me about the Wing again when I was 60. I would buy an FJR1300 before a Wing. This is why I think she needs an SV650 for herself.



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                    I put my wife on the back but it shits me cause she keeps sliding forward on me. I don't take her out any more, confined her to the house while I have fun with the boys
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                      I ride a TLR with my wife on the back almost all the time. She is 5'0" and I am 5'8".

                      She likes the TLR most of all the bikes we have ridden as she can see over my head, the seat is nice and large, and the foot-pegs are about the right height for her. The only complaints she has are that the seat is a bit slippery, and after a two hour ride she is wishing the seat had more padding.

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                        I have put my wife on the back of my TLR a few times. The seat is far better than the RC, as is the reach to the pegs. She won't be nearly as folded up on the TLR. As on any sportbike, she will tend to slide into your back on hard stops if she doesn't support herself against the tank on decel. The seat is the best selling point though as it is close to twice as wide as the RC's and pretty cushy as well.
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                          Oh yeah, one accessory we have found invaluable, with the acceleration and braking possible on the TLR, is a belt with some handles for the passenger. Much better than having her hold onto the little seat strap, or your jacket.

                 sells the ones we got : Love Handles

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                            me girl is 1m80 tall (which is about 5"9 i THINK), en she's got quite long legs, but doesn't seem to be bothered by the lil' stretching. I think the TLR is just a tad sportier seatin', but not too much.

                            And pleassssssse forget about those love handles, you want yer wifey hug you with one arm, and press against the tank with the other....that way, your nads stay alive while braking, helmets aren't crushing into eachother all the time, and she stays on the bike when you're givin' it all she has at the traffic lights!

                            you want to know where your passenger is, and what she's doing, and you do not want her sliding all over the place when accelerating/braking, an d that's why she's gotta hold on tight...

                            ...oh and for some other obvious reasons too


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                              We found the love-handles to be quite an improvement. Her arms are not long enough to reach the tank or very far around my waist when she is seated on the back seat. If I braked hard she ended up with a piggy-back ride usually, putting a lot of weight on my arms.

                              Now with the handles, she can sit further back on the passenger seat, and use the foot-pegs to brace herself when I put on the brakes, thus saving my nuts.

                              It all probably depends on the fit of the people to the bike, and their relative sizes.

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