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How do you remove the swingarm

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  • How do you remove the swingarm

    How do you remove it.. assuming everthing is disconnected ie damper and linkage, exhaust, chain and wheel. I've undone the left hand side nut on the s/arm pivot and I assumed you could just knock it through. I don't have a slotted socket for the right hand side tho i could probably make one. Does the slotted nut on the right hand side act like a pinch bolt, ie locking the shaft in place or something

    The only thing that hasnt been removed is the linkage from the s/arm to the spring. I assumed that would be easier to remove once the s/arm was dropped.

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    you need one of these


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      Ahhh I remember someone made theyre own socket. I still cant figure out how one nut on one side could hold it in.. I'll make up one of those and check out how it work when I pull it apart.


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        I made this one out of a 1 1/8 socket. i put a piece of electrical tape around the end and held it up to the nut and cut it with a razor to make the template
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            Its ok now, I got it off


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              What are you doing reviving a 4 month old post?

              I'm thinking why is he asking that? He's already got the new swingarm on
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                4 months 1 year and 4 months

                Did a search with rupes as a username and post older than a year only and it came back with 14 pages

                You guys need to prune more. I was reading through some of my older posts and boy some of it is embarrasing

                Why the hell did I buy those solid Ti pucks again


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                  This TL project of mine sure has been dragging on for a bit too... Bit of nostalgia reading through some of those old posts too. I can remember them all, funny how things change huh


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                    1 year and 4 months then. I was just checking your IP's thinking some dispatcher might have got on an old machine or something

                    The TLR/TLS forum doesn't get pruned. (Yet). That's why I probably appear to move a lot of stuff out of it (i.e any ebay links I find)
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                      Ummm that reminds me... I'm still logged in on the work pc's ...ooops

                      So if any posts pop up by me saying thing along the lines of I've come out of the closet, I'm Gay, I bought an R1 etc then thats probably not me....... unless theres photos....