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TLS Aftermarket Tachometers?

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  • TLS Aftermarket Tachometers?

    Does anyone run an aftermarket tach on their TL? My gauge cluster is busted from a highside, and since I'm putting race bodywork on now I thought it would be simpler to put just a tach on it with some warning lights for fuel and neutral.

    Has anyone done this?
    Does the aftermarket tach need a special driver or wiring for a twin?
    Does the ECU need be plugged into the speedo or anything else in the original gauge cluster in order to function properly?

    I was thinking of using what's left of the old harness and getting the wires I need for tach and warning lights and just ignoring the rest.


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    ok, I looked at the same type of thing for a while, and was never able to find a good setup.

    If your interested, I have an extra set of TLS or TLR gauges, depends on if I can get the speedo ont the TLR gauges, it needs a new needle, possible driver.

    However, I'd be willing to sell you the set that I don't need, all the dosn't workon the TLR gauges is the Speedo, and the TLS gagues work fine, the speedo needle will need replacement from your wrecked gauges or some other gauges.

    If your interested, drop me a PM.
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      you can use gsxr 600, 750 1000 dig gauges.. if you just want a tach speedo.. and clock

      <img src ="">

      AND Yes there is a race gauge setup for the TL.. and yes the SPeedo and Tach are fed by the ECU..

      Lance found the killer track setup that was around $100-150 which is what you'd probably pay for a set of gauges anyways..

      Send him a PM:

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        Stack is a world-leading supplier of dashboard instruments, Data Logging and ruggedised video systems.

        The best tach available..........


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          anyone else using a shift light? sorry, but i dont know if the tlr comes with one stock or not. i just added a nice bright shift light to my stock guages and for me it works alot better than trying to watch the tach. when i first went to the twin from an i4, my shifting was all screwed up. tok awhile for me to figure out the shift points. so i added a shift light and whalla (sp?), now i couldnt miss a shift point if i tried. dont even have to be looking at the guages to see the light

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