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high idle adjust question

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  • high idle adjust question

    hello all,
    where is the adjustment for the high idle - choke thingy. since i did the tb sync its a little low.

    is it just the adjustment on the cable at the handlebar end? or is there something down under the airbox?


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    For the R, it is under the Air box.


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      on your S, it is on the clutch lever side of the bike, under the frame, and its the white round knobby thing just under the frame, right in the middle of the fairing... i wish i could post a pic of this for you.... hmmm digi cam raffle?


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        It's one of the screws on the front TB, you need the airbox off to get to it, there are two screws, one for the tb sync (phillips head?) and one for fast idle (flat head?)

        I screwed mine to ~5000rpm+ so I can use the lever as a cruise control.

        (Horkn, You've sent him to the regular idle adjustment.)
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          5000 rpm goodlord, when you start your bike ok a cold day does it just sound like an explosion?


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            A little dab of that 5,000 rpm cruise control lever will do ya at startup, that's all

            The phillips head screw that tilts forward is the TB synch while the flathead near it is the fast idle setting. Both are on the throttle side, near the front TB.
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              oh yeah, thanks duken. sorry n2....


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                I just start it on the throttle, then adjust the fast idle to about 2K, easy to do when you have a TL that starts 1st shot no 2 or 3 goes for me. (touch wood).
                "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"