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    First and foremost, I just want to express to everyone here that we as the staff do not want to be forum Nazis here, and everyone's complaints as of late have not gone unnoticed. We know that there has been some controversy and ill feelings lately about how we are trying to run the board, so please realize we are making efforts. You can look forward to less thread moving in the future, and also a slightly restructured forum as a whole (i.e. a few less sub-forums). Of course with this comes a small request from us. All we ask for now is that you all think about the subject of your thread before your post and put it in the most appropriate forum as you see fit. Believe me, we want to do what's best for the members. Sometimes it may not appear that way, and it's NOT our way or the highway although I know we can be a bit hard headed at times, so bear with us while we try to find a compromise between the various wishes of the members and the staff's ideas as well (yeah, although we're the staff, we're members too so our opinion counts a teeny bit as well ). I'm sure this post will bring more issues to the surface so go ahead, we need to hear them. Last but not least, try out the "view today's active threads" link at the top of the main forum page if you haven't already. Some of you know about it and some of you don't. I use it almost exclusively. It's the perfect way to log on and just sort through every active thread from the past 24hrs. Thanks.

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    i thin you guys are doing a damn good job. No complaints from me! of course i could always be a moderator for you.. Really though I dont see any problems here with the board. Thanks for having it here.
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      I still want a yellow skin

      I think the site is great! You guys are doing a good job.
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        in the short time i have been here i have thought you are doing a great job

        thx for running a great forum

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          I only attend one bike forum, seeing as I'm posting this I guess it's obvious


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            I have an issue! Where do I get one of those cool EXTRA large helmets??

            Seriously though.... the staff is trying their best.
            They don't get paid, they get no reward and very often no recognition.

            Running a forum is a balancing act...almost anything you do is going to cause a little grief. The mods/admins are the ones who get all that grief.
            I don't count in this equation, as I try to stay 90% observer. The rest of the guys though have done a whale of a job so far!

            We are dealing with almost 1000 folks here (my guess is by sometime mid-next-week it will hit 1k) and they all have various backgrounds, attitudes and even different colored bikes! (a reference to b/w versus yellow). I believe the staff needs someone to say thanks.
            I'll be the first....
            Thanks guys!
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              GRRRRRRRRR Its stupid!!!!

              Nah just pulling ya leg
              Good job


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                this place is super...i hardly get along with any of the admins/mods...ok, i'll be honest they all hate me cause i'm so damn sexy, but really i deal with that sort of jealousy thing everyday, so i'm cool with it.

                in all seriousness i think you guys have a done a pretty damn good job. I know there's been some issues as of late, but i think you guys have been pretty on the level.

                this is by far the best one stop TL shop



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                  Katana750, we have passed 1000 members! Those that haven't confirmed their signing up via email don't appear in the count, realised this the other day when young Matt bought my attention to the fact he was member 1017+
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                    I enjoy the admins overall.. I respect what they do. I don't see to many problems, but the "View Todays Active Threads" really does make life REALLY easy! I am so glad you guys told me all about that option


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                      and and and (etc....)
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                        The site is great. you all over the other sites I have seen.

                        As the wife says keep it up!
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                          Best damn board on the web!
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                            Only board I need .... Well Done


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                              I get ALL my information from here and everyone has a good sence of humor

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