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I Checked Out The Tlr!

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  • I Checked Out The Tlr!

    Well, I checked out the 99 TLR tonight and unfortunatley only got a couple pics since my damn battery died (I thought they were charged)!

    but anyway, here's what I have found. It does need some work, but not too much. Check out the link of the pics I was able to squeze out.
    *check the right rearset picture, you can see the powder coated frame

    What am I getting out of the deal?
    extras include:

    Blown TLR motor (motor bairing went)
    all stock goodies such as rearsets, passenger pegs, wheels....
    New set of race take offs (he works on bikes for a living)

    What he needs to do before I buy the bike:
    changed clutch fluid(he says the clutch fluid darkens quickely, does it?)
    fix the right rearset so the rear brake will work
    put the m4 clutch side end cap exhaust band on

    Other than that, I'm thinking about doing an aftermarket body, not sure yet what I should do(hammerit hayabusa, Bimota carbon fiber, AK composit, etc), powder coat stock rims black, touch up the tank, powder coat the sub frame.

    Last but not least, I want to take the blown motor and get it all worked over

    I think that's about it for now, my brain is fried!

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    That's a lot of stuff. Hope you can work it out..
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      Don't look bad at all.
      RIP Ron
      Sept. 12 2004


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        it looks pretty god man! hope its yours soon. and i thought the suzuki blue was always the same color year to year... (look at the battery cover)


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          Yeah, I noticed that, that's why I took the pic. I think I'm going to do aftermarket bodywork. I can't help but wanting this bad boy to be perfect!

          I know a painter and should be able to help me with price etc! So I'm hoping to do the whole thing for $700 for bodywork and paint.


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            looks good ...........i like the black frame . sounds like the seller isn't trying to hide anything from you. if the price (with everything you mentioned included) is affordable i'd say go for it. the clutch fluid does seem to change color pretty fast
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