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  • Ride Height/Suspension Adj.

    Was wondering if anybody could give me some tips on adjusting the ride height.Like dropping the front a few mm or any other examples.I was also considering raising the rear end a bit because I would like to quicken turn in speed.
    I have heard of people using aftermarket subframes to jack the rear end up a bit as well.has anyone ever tried this or heard of this before.I would like to broaden the "GAP". Any pics of a TLS with a nice "GAP" would be nice.
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    i just got done trying to set my sag on the front. I need my preload backed out all the way. I was riding with 5 lines showing before. Big difference. I dropped the front 5 mm little quicker turn in. Are you running a 180 rear? That helps a ton. Also if you have the stock steering dampner(i do) change the oil in it or drill the washer inside. That helps also. Makes the steering "alittle lively"
    Still working on a good set up. But as you know what's good for me may suck for you. Vee two I think still makes a ride height adjuster for like $100. Good Luck.