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perfect TLR small crack in upper fairing

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  • perfect TLR small crack in upper fairing

    My bike is so close to perfection for a 99...looks like it right off the showroom floor except for a 1" thin crack on the can it be repaired...

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    could try plasic welding, but since your bike is in such good condition, you should just replace it and keep the old one for track days. if you dont fix it, drill a very small hole at the end of the crack. will keep it from cracking anymore.

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      i am in that debate stage to buy composit body work...the upper i thionk is a few $$$ ..maybe i can live with it i have a few other things i want to do first....pcII, hugger, new tail, new air tubes

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        Since the stock fairings are made out of ABS plastic, a small amount of Methel Ethel Keytone (MEK, available at hardware stores) on a toothpick dripped into the crack should glue the plastic back together good as new.

        -Spread the crack a bit
        -Drip the MEK onto the ABS surface (not too much, not too little, experiment with some scrap ABS or just try too little and work up)
        -Push the crack back into place (perhaps clamp with a spring clip?)
        -Use a paper-towel to wipe up any dissolved ABS that oozes out onto the paint.
        -Wait an hour or two for the MEK to evaporate
        -Good as new

        The MEK doesn't seem to bother the paint either (in small quantities), as long as I wipe it up quickly. I have used it to fix a few cracks that were in the fairing when I bought my bike (used).

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