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I became a man yesterday! Some thoughts about the new TLS

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  • I became a man yesterday! Some thoughts about the new TLS

    Observations about my new 2000 TL1000S…

    After owning my TLS for 12 hours or so, here are some thoughts and comparisons from my last bike (1999 Ducati SuperSport 750)

    First off the looks are similar but distinctly different. The TLS looks meaner than the Ducati ever did. The Ducati was cool and exotic, the TLS, just plain evil.
    The red is not my favorite red out there. It looks orange-ish in certain light. I prefer the yellow on the Ducati, but I like the red okay, it will grow on me.
    I love the frame of the TLS, the frame on the Ducati was a trellis, which was neat and different, but again the TLS looks like it means business.

    I sit up higher on the TLS and the pegs are less aggressive, this is more comfy and after riding 25+ miles my back and butt were not sore at all. When I made that trip on the Ducati, I would have to stand up several times to relieve the pressure. I do not like how low the gauge cluster is. I have to look down to see the tach/speedo where as on the Ducati I just moved my eyes a little bit.

    The performance aspects are completely different. The ducati had unbelievable brakes…I actually miss the Brembos. The front forks on the TLS are softer, but I can adjust them. On the duck, they were set for race track use, and if you wanted them any softer…too bad, not adjustable at ALL. So, I liked the rigidity of the Ducati, but I will be able to tweak the TLS when I want to. Turning feels way different. On the Ducati it just snapped into place where I wanted it to with out thought. The TLS seems flickable and I think it is, but it just feels different and I will get used to it. The steering damper is adjustable and I will play with it later.

    Time for noises. The D&D slip-ons on the Ducati sounded good, but the full D&D system on the TLS is evil sounding. It is so loud and mean, I scared several animals and had people in the neighborhood just stop and stare at me as I drove by.

    Now to talk about the power differences. The Ducati was my first bike (that I owned) It had plenty of torque and some power to keep me happy… or so I thought. To get moving, I had to really wring the living poo out of her. WOT was the name of the game on the Ducati. On my way to work this morning, I was on the freeway and I needed to pass a slow truck. I was in 4th and I probably cracked the throttle open about 1/4th open. I passed the truck in a hurry and looked down to see that I was going the leisurely pace of 105 mph. I immediately made some choice comments to my self and slowed back down. I couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear the whole way to work, and come to think of it I am still grinning.

    Miscellaneous comments:

    The clutch lever has up and down play, which I hate. The Ducati’s clutch lever was rock solid. My buddies GSX750R’s does the same, so I don’t think it is that big of a deal, just an annoyance. The Zero Gravity wind screen is amazing! I might not need to wear ear plugs for the wind noise any more…but will for the exhaust probably.

    Here are all the extras I got with it:
    It has new Bridgestone 010's
    K&N air filter
    European market solo cowl
    Daytona steering damper
    D&D full exhaust
    tank bra
    Zero Gravity windscreen
    And I got him to throw in the rear tire stand!

    It has just over 8000 miles on the ticker and all for $4200!

    I am in love!
    If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.

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    If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.


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      If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.


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        a 2000 for only $4,200?

        What a bargain. that is a bargain for me.


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          great price

          Beautiful bike
          May 2003
          August 2004


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            sweet ride, congrats!


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              Congrats on the TLS. Sounds like you got a great deal. Now, if you please . . . let's see some pics with the "proper" rear seat cowl in place.


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                I took some last night when I got her home, but they are at home, and I am here at work. I will post all I can when I get the chance. I had to unload the Ducati for real cheap, but it was worth it!
                If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.


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                  Looking great!
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                    muwahahaha...another has come over to the dark side

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                      REPLIES TO YOUR COMPLAINTS..

                      I've had my TLS for goin on 4 years..

                      The fork springs in the TLS are crap.. OPTIONS?

                      Olhins springs for $70-90 (did this and the front was much more stable)
                      Replace with used TLR stock forks $100-400?
                      Racetek Gold valve kit $250 + install
                      Lindeman Engineering $500-1000 Send the forks out
                      Olhins $1800-5000

                      Steering OPTIONS
                      SWITCH TO 180/55 rear or 190/55 makes a huge difference turning..

                      As far as brakes go.. once you had the best.. you don't want the rest.. OPTIONS

                      If you have the stock 4pot calipers.. you can upgrade to TLR calipers $100-200 used. they bolt right on. use some PF, or EBC pads.. Organic of metallic.. up to you..

                      as far as the quality of the master's... what can I say.. Brembo's are the shit.. no way around it.. You can replace the mastercylinders for both clutch and Brake's with Brembos.. Brand new, you probably won't really get your money out of it unless your DOUG, or Jim BREWER..

                      You can get Used stock brembo's off some guys ducati on e-bay for a reasonable price.. also you can put brembo calipers on but you need an adapter.. and they're kinda spendy.. If you wanted a whole used brembo setup I've seen them go from $350-750..

                      WELCOME TO THE CLUB..
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                        Welcome to the very proud TL owners club! And yes, it will grow on you, not only the paint scheme, but the entire bike!
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                          reminds me of my old tls, tear
                          Why yes I am a jackass, thank you.

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                            good choice mate,

                            8 months ago, i decided to sell the SVS, and get another (bigger)bike, i narrowed it down to the duke SS ( a 900) or a falco...but then i saw her at me dealer's: a shinee black TLS! owwww my god , it was then i realized that i should go for my first love!

                            took her out for a testride, and after 10 mins, she said hello to me with a nice little wheelie sold.

                            the TLS surely is lacking a little on the brakes compared to the SS, but i prefer the way it handles (not perfect, but fun fun fun), and no SS can match the massive stomp of power and adrenaline-rush the tls provides...

                            enjoy her!


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                              Congrats You might be able to take the clutch lever off and put washers in there to remove the slop. For the price you got your bike you should be able to spend some money on the mods to make it better
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