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I've never ridden a Ducati...

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  • I've never ridden a Ducati...

    Yet, oddly enough, Ducati's have a lot to do with why I enjoy riding so much today.

    It's no big secret that I love TL's. Out of my crew I am the only rider mounted on a twin, and I can count on one hand the amount of twins here on this side of the island. That's ALOT...well, compared to when I was just starting out...

    I remember the first time I became aware of V-twin Sportbikes. It was back in the late 80's for me when Doug Polen started riding for Ducati. First there was the 851's, then the 888's, then finally the 916. Anyway, there I was, sitting in front of my TV watching Polen trounce the competition with this odd sounding bike with a tube frame. It just wasn't right. They didn't scream like the 4's. They sounded SLOW, yet...they weren't. It was around this time when I first started riding. I was just learning the ropes on my very first Katana 600. It would be over a decade till I would ride a big twin for the first time. That's a LONG time to wait to try something out, and you know what? It was worth it.

    In the meanwhile I did ride twins, though poor examples I admit: a Hotrodded Honda Hawk and a GS500E., not even close. The TL has a special place in my heart for a number of reasons. Even though I have owned a LOT of Sportbikes over the years, I never bought a new bike till I bought my first TLS back in '98. Not only was the TL my first experience riding a big twin, it was my first experience riding a brand new bike!

    What started off as curiousity sparked up by Ducati has now turned into a love affair of twins for me...and I have never even sat on a Ducati yet. LOL!

    If it weren't for that curiousity, I would have never had the balls to buy my very first brand new bike...being that it was a twin and all and I have never ridden a big twin up till then. I don't think anyone else in history has ever been so influenced by a bike they have never even seen in real life! LOL!

    I've never ridden a Ducati...

    Now that I think about it, I don't give a rats ass if I ever do.
    Your Friend in Sport,


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    edwin keep it that way!

    once you've experienced the almighty TLS, things change:

    the dukes are no longer THE dreambikes with perfect handling, and bags of power etc etc...i've ridden a friends' monster 900, a SS 750 and 900, and a 998S...although fun bikes to ride, they haven't got that 'aura' around them anymore...every time i stepped down from those bikes, i thought: that's what all the fuss is about??

    don't get me wrong, they're great bikes, but not 'greater' than the bike we all love so much...the TL!

    en plus, the TL oozes attitude, which the dukes have lost about 5 or 6 years ago (when EVERYBODY bought one), it's more a fashion-statement than anything else (at least, that's the case in belgium)....

    ...of course the dukes brought the idea of sporty twins to us, and that's a good thing, i'm thankful for that, but no worshipping for me!

    i'm off for a ride! cheers


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      ... all of the damn racket that dry clutch makes and a price tag well over three times what our TL's run, no thanks...

      Just a few mods:

      Silver, the fastest color!

      On the inside - HID type bulbs, K&N filter, Iridium ix plugs, 16T front sprocket, Coerce billet sprocket cover, Yosh re-map +5, +5, +5 11 o'clock, Scorpio SE-i500 system from my GB and an ATRE.

      On the outside - TLR forks, front carbon fender, 5/8th master brake cylinder, black SS brake lines (frnt & rear), braking waves all around with Ti bolts, Brembo gold front calipers & a busa gold rear caliper, flush mount signals (frnt & rear), ZG DB scr


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        I like my Japanese version... Shit, I'm even Italian lmfao.....
        Southern Division Coach


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          If you ever do sit on one you won't stay there for long...they are VERY uncomfortable!!! I really liked my Ducati, but it had to go, 'cause the call of the TL was over powering!
          If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.


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            Great story... Although I'm old enough to remember Polen on gsxr's as a privateer of all things...

            I've had a few twins myself.. although one of my favorites was my RZ-350.. It was impractical, but OH so fun!
            I've got a huge penis, You've got a huge penis, even Tim over there, yup you guessed it, huge penis. Good, now that that's out of the way, let's go ride


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              Great post Edwin

              If I ever buy one, it will not leave my living room or it's rear stand:dunno

              For the same $$$$ in maintenance I could have a 40 foot Bayliner
              May 2003
              August 2004


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                Ducati's are cool

                But that clutch sound is so freakin' annoying and since it cannot blow the doors off the Japanese twins (TLR in particular) nor is it better looking in my opinion why all the fuss?

                I ride with some Ducati guys and they are cool but bang for the buck, and sweet sound, tractor motor and bad-ass looks TLR for me.

                I too got caught by the weird sounding Italian bike years ago as well.
                Galfer braided lines throughout, ATRE, UFO tailight, ET79 Undertail and Hugger, 520 16/39 Gold Chain combo, Full Yosh C/F exhuast, Corbin seat, Ohlins Steering Damper, Ohlins Rear Suspension, Tinted Double Bubble Windscreen, Sylvania Superwhites, Yosh Box Remapped and all protected by GORILLA Alarm System


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                  yep, too much hassle with the ducs. after having my roomies fiance's brand new duc needing a whole rebuild after only 2500 miles (this year btw) i dont want a duc anymore. i thinka falco or a tlr, or maybe a triumph sprint st or daytona might be my next bike, in addition to the tls... of fucking course!


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                    Great post
                    For me a Duke used to be something to look at and awe. Now in Australia every man and his dog has got one which for me makes them nothing special. This is my third Suzy and the TLR certainly has character. What I really love apart from the sound factor is the gearbox. Nobody make a box like Suzuki.
                    Retired the TLR for a Gixxer 1K. Sorry boys I sold you out


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                      I still like them, but more as art than anything else. I don't particularly want to ride one but I'd love one as a centerpiece in the lounge, it would seem a waste to ride it. They're one of those things that the more you look at it the more you see. Every part seems to have been milled up for a purpose, no rough cast bits that just do the job. Still a class act. If you get what I mean.


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                        great post edwin!!

                        2000 tillis plus stuff with some polished stuff and some carbon fiber stuff and a little bit of tlr stuff and some gsxr stuff

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                          Hey Bill, I remember when Polen used to race a Katana 600 in the Suzuki cup so you ain't that old....either that, or Geez...I'm getting real old....LOL!

                          Thanks guys. Motorcycling holds it's own meaning for each of us. For some it is a way to show status, or to illustrate the "rebel" nature, while to others the sheer joy of riding holds all the intrigue we need to keep on doing it. Our bikes have served as transportation, stress relief, and anger management tools.

                          For me the TLR represents the pinacle of Motorcycling. It's a personal thing. I have always been a Sportbike fan, and had little use for cruisers & dirtbikes other than the occasional ride on a friends bike for fun. For me it is all about the speed and trying to master it...Try...

                          Until I got a taste of what these twins can do, I was never really satisfied with any bike I got. Most of the bikes I owned, I tweaked: Carb Kits, Pipes, Ignition, gearing etc etc. etc. but no matter how many bolt on's I added they all seemed to fall short somehow. I'd look in the magazines and see the "newest, fatsest, bestest" thing on the block and go out and get it, only to be disappointed in one way or another eventually.

                          When I had my '90 GSXR750 (which was a great bike I admit) I wanted MORE POWER and ended up transplanting an 1127cc motor from a Katana 1100 into it along with a set of Mikuni flatslides and a Dyna ignition....Hated it. Straight line power was great...but the bike handled like crap with the extra power. At the time the CBR900RR just came on the scene and everyone raved about it, so I got one. Hated it. Wheelies were fun, but the thing handled like a tweaker having a panic attack.

                          I decided to go old school when I found a deal on a ZX7RR with only 500 miles on it. Now this bike came close to being what I wanted, but she didn't wheelie like the 900, and I missed the Wheelies...ALOT.

                          Then I saw the TL1000S in an add in a magazine, and fell in love. I mean, it sounded PERFECT. The fuel injection was intimidating, but the gear driven cams, V-TWIN engine and 1/2 fairing had me hooked. Did I mention the V-TWIN engine? Man, I have always wanted to try a big twin...and now I had my chance. I traded in my beloved ZX7RR and got it, my first ever NEW bike. My first ever V-TWIN. I was in love. The only complaint I had was the springs, front and back. They were too soft, so some Racetech stuff up front and an 800lb. Eibach spring out back got fitted almost right away. BOOM. I shut up all my shit talking buddies, the non-believing fashion Mongers. The TLS made it real clear that a V-Twin could more than hold it's own against Big liter bikes and the sort up on the Mountain.

                          Then the R1 came out.

                          Old habits are hard to break, and I found myself drawn into the "Bike of the Year" crap again.

                          Long story short I picked up a '98 R1 for a good deal, but ended up selling it 2 weeks later. The TL cured me. Finally, I was home. I finally found a bike that made me happy...scratch that, content.
                          Had the '98 not blown it's engine to the moon on a hard run, I would still be riding it today. Everything in Hawaii takes a LONG time to get done, so while I was waiting for my TLS engine to get done, I bought me a TLR, my 2nd brand new bike ever.
                          I am happy. The TLR does everything the "S" did with a little more up top, great for spanking that GSXR1K of my buddy's.

                          I have to give the Duc's their props. Even though I have no intension of ever owning one the TL's would have never come to being if it weren't for them. So what am I gonna get next? An SV1000? Hell no. I don't have any intention to get rid of my TLR anytime soon, and every intention to build her up to the best that I can.
                          Your Friend in Sport,



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                            If I could only write good yarns like that
                            Retired the TLR for a Gixxer 1K. Sorry boys I sold you out


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                              the early cbr900rr was almost scary in the tight stuff. really had to pay attention. they were smart to change the rake/train and the front wheel for the next model year. too bad the trade off was that it was all hell trying to find a front tire that would fit. i think the d207zr was the only one for a long time and the dealers were always out of stock

                              2000 tillis plus stuff with some polished stuff and some carbon fiber stuff and a little bit of tlr stuff and some gsxr stuff

                              CLICK HERE to donate a couple dollars/rubles/won/yen/euro/pounds/francs/etc to the greatest forum on the web!
                              "Aerodynamics are for those who fail to make HORSEPOWER!"
                              -Enzo Ferrari-