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FSMD LED cluster

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  • horkn
    i hope they are bright in tha daytime. i know some undertails w/ leds are not bright at all during the day. why cant they all be bright like the new R6 leds that come stock? those are damn bright.. 100 pounds for the light strip? thats more than 100 dollars. man thats a little pricey... but it is nice..

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  • PutteLiten
    Cool stuff on that site!

    But, a bit on the expensive side...

    Would like to have this

    And put it beneath the plate.

    Uh, don't have a clue on your problem though. But I have heard from others that those you have have crappy visibility daytime. Havent seen them myself when you ride though. They look good though.

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  • J-Bone
    started a topic FSMD LED cluster

    FSMD LED cluster

    I have a FSMD undertray with LEDīs. After just a couple of days the left one starts acting all funny on me and then it went dead. I spent hours modifying it. Soldering, cutting, isolating, changing springs... to improve connectivity but couldnīt get the damn thing to work right. Finally I thought there must be a problem with the actual LED cluster so I opened it and found out that it was broken inside so I soldered it together and it works fine.

    The other day the right one started doing the same f***ng thing!!!
    Now I have to open up the other one and reinforce it too!

    Has this happened to any other FSMD undertray owners

    Im thinking of buying these instead, very pricey though

    click "lighting" and "laser led brake/tail light....."

    Has anybody tried them?