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The '03 Gixxer is no more..

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  • The '03 Gixxer is no more..

    Well I sent the '03 1k packing. I realized after riding the TLR to Florida back in May that I enjoyed distance riding, so I decided to get the right tool for the job.

    Of course the blue ones are faster, you mean you didn't know that?

    2000 TL1000R: Yoshimura RS-3 Full Titanium Race Exhaust, Hyperpro Steering Damper, Marchesini M5 5-spoke magnesium wheels (YES, it DOES steer lighter than your R1), YAFMS Map, BMC Air Filter, TRE, PAIR Valve removed, Traxxion re-worked front forks, Penske 8987 rear shock.

    Also, near death with a car bumper.

    2003 Hayabusa: Krauser 42L hard bags, on-board GPS, XM

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    Damn, that thing looks positively sinister. I like it!

    Having taken a 25 mile spin through the twisties on a 'busa, I deduced that it would make the absoultely perfect platform for go to jail speed distance touring.

    Out in the wide open spaces, smaller or less powerful bikes have a way of feeling even smaller and less powerful. Not so a Hayabusa. Put bags on it, load it down with crap, ride it at altitude up a steep hill against a stiff headwind and laugh. That thing will still snap your head back with low end torque and churn the tire at 8,000 rpm under such conditions. A GSXR 1000 would do the same of course, but it does not coddle you like a 'busa.

    Sounds like you are in agreement. Enjoy that badass new bike of yours over the long ride
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      I really like the black...EVIL writen all over it!
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        Amazing bike. That is why i hope my bike will look like after the Hayabusa kit from HammerIt!


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          Why yes I am a jackass, thank you.

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            That is definitely the bike to compliment the TLR. The real big KING from Suzuki.
            Galfer braided lines throughout, ATRE, UFO tailight, ET79 Undertail and Hugger, 520 16/39 Gold Chain combo, Full Yosh C/F exhuast, Corbin seat, Ohlins Steering Damper, Ohlins Rear Suspension, Tinted Double Bubble Windscreen, Sylvania Superwhites, Yosh Box Remapped and all protected by GORILLA Alarm System


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              Congrats! Cool ride

              It has too many cylinders though


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                I love it Good decision
                May 2003
                August 2004


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                  SOLD! 2002 Suzuki TL1000R - Blue/White
                  Two Brothers Exhaust - YAFMS Remap - Ohlins Rear Shock - FSMD Undertail - Rear Hugger - No-Cut Frame Sliders - Custom Airbrushed Solo Tail Cowl


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                    gongrats!!!!!! iv'e had had a busa for two years and enjoyed her lots. I hope she keeps you satisfied and you keep your license. For a real kick have her derestricted. 300 km/h in fifth and then comes sixth, good for 330km/h on the clock in sixth.

                    looks wicked in black.......ENJOY!!!!!


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                      I like that paint scheme

                      I never really like the looks of the Busa, but that does look bad arse.
                      I know nothing about bikes.


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                        yes, i love the busa. roomie has an 02 blacka nd blue. i've put many hours on it, and it really is a do it all bike. too bad its a heavy beast though....


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                          Much better choice Tracy....
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                            Originally posted by SDTLR

                            I love it Good decision
                            I've got a huge penis, You've got a huge penis, even Tim over there, yup you guessed it, huge penis. Good, now that that's out of the way, let's go ride


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                              Make sure you check out , , and . There's as much great info. at those forums as there is here. The Motorhead, who runs the is currently in Bonneville trying for a landspeed streetbike record on a turbo-charged busa putting out over 500 horses. His "pitbike" that he is getting his license on is also turboed and will do something like 210. Crazy!