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  • Hel brake lines

    Hi guys, I recently picked up a set of Hel brake lines for my front. Comes with yellow coating (also available in blue, clear, and some other I can't remember).

    What I'm impressed with is its 100% stainless steel fittings, banjos and banjo bolts. No worries of corrosion then.

    I'm already on SS lines for my front, but its a 1 to 2 set up. I'm getting the Hel for a 2 to 2 set up.

    How much does these cost over there in the US? If possible, I'm thinking of doing a group buy if there's interest. Due to exchange rate differences, there's huge potential for savings.

    Working out in US currency, I can probably do a group buy for about 10 guys at US$100 each, shipped to a single address. If shipped separately, I'd probably need to charge $110 per set.

    Is this any good?
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    The dealer just told me he can include in the rear line at the same price if there's a group buy of 10!
    Ask not what TLP can do for you, but what you can do for TLP.


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      I've got Goodridge lines and I opted for the stainless fittings too...Much nicer