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I'm considering buying a TLR1000, would like some opinions..

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  • I'm considering buying a TLR1000, would like some opinions..

    First of all allow me to say Hello to everyone!
    I am seriously considering a TLR1000 and I have a few questions to ask.

    1) Should I get an '03?
    2) Is there much of a difference in the '00 - '02 models?
    3) What's the word on the '04 models?

    Thanks for any info you can provide!

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    i belive the only difference is the cpu unit,and the 03 has the coated forks just like the gixxer 1k. other than that all the modells are the same.suzu never did any more devolopment on the tlr,one more thing the faster oes are the yellow ones .the b/w are just painted to look fast.
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      He said it all. The 03 does have a different ECU, I am not sure if they changed anything in the ECU programming from the 01 or 02.

      And, I agree - the yellow ones are faster.
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        to answer question #3...from what i have read on here, there wont be an 04 model

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          1) Not necessarily unless you can get a good price on one (which you should)

          2) No

          3) None

          Trust us, get one

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            Don't listen to the yellow folk. Blue/White is by far the fastest.

            The yellow motorcycle corrupts the riders mind into thinking that its faster. Secretly they are trying to rally more people into this "yellow cult" as they are angry thier motorcycle is slower and want to inflict this disapointment on others.

            So when one of these "yellow cultists" approaches you, just say "NO!, I will not give in to your yellow evil ways". They may try to lure you in with candy and other tastey goodness, but you must resist.

            Make the right choice and join blue/white, help us spread the word about the fastest color!

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              1. Get the newest you can get, (or a one with low miles on it). Once you get one, your not likely want to swithc to anohter, so You want one you can keep a couple of years.

              2. No difference between 99-02. 03 got new ECU and new frontfork (might be cosmetic only though).

              3. No 04 what I have heard.

              Get one, you wont regret it.
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                Is it definite that the 03 got a new ECU or just rumor? Why would they spend money on it for the final model of a 5 year run? The latest gen of Suzuki ECU's run the ECU controlled butterfly valves that are placed in the TB's in addition to the throttle controlled ones, the 03's don't have these do they?

                Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but neither does a lot of things Suzuki does either.
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                  Originally posted by Steve TLS
                  Is it definite that the 03 got a new ECU or just rumor?
                  I do believe it is different. You cannot use the same PCII on the 03 models. Something about the processor changing to 32 bit.

                  Another difference with the 03 (at least the yellow color) is the front fender and rims are black. I like the look better.


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                    Im running a PCII on my 03' and all is good.

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                      Originally posted by Rider 414
                      Im running a PCII on my 03' and all is good.

                      So am I, but did you get a used PC II or a new one and specifically tell them that you have an 03? I didn't think previous PCII's worked on the 03's.


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                        that's all you need to know.


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                          Yeah, I made sure they (kyle racing or something?) knew I had a '03. Actually the salesman I talked to owned a TL-R.

                          Jon Super,

                          Wanna ride this weekend?
                          2003 TL1000R

                          "Aint ever seen it.....but I have heard it." - Neil


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                            Originally posted by Rider 414
                            Jon Super,

                            Wanna ride this weekend?
                            I am going on a huge ride over to the west side Saturday. You are welcome to come along!

                            Here's the link:


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                              This is my first year with my TLR (yes, the faster b/w one). It is a '99, and only had 11,000 miles on it when I picked it up last fall. I have owned a gixer, ZX7, CBR, Interceptor 1000 (wow...going way back) etc., and this is by FAR the best bike I have ever riden. Personally, I didn't see spending the extra $ on one that is two or three years newer, when fundamentally, and cosmetically for that matter, it hasn't evolved much. I must admit though...if the Honda RC211V comes to production, it might be hard to resist temptation!
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