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Leaking drain nut

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  • Leaking drain nut

    Ok, so I was stupid enough to strip out my oil drain bolt the other day.

    My friend advise was that tapping a larger hole and using another bolt is a much more permanent solution than a Helicoil.

    So I tapped the hole 2 size larger, bought a new bolt, and a piece of paper gasket to cut out sealing washers.

    The damn thing is leaking! Found a wet bellypan and a small patch of oil everytime after I parked.

    Anybody got any suggestions?
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    Did you tap a course thread or a fine one?

    Did you tap the hole straight?

    Either way, a thicker washer should fix it. Perhaps try 2 or even three of them and see what happens.
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      next time

      Probably too late now,but you may be able to use what is called a "oversize plug". what it is is a drain plug with a washer that is slightly larger than stock and will cut new threads when inserted. You should be able to find one at your local parts house,but if not go to a quickie oil change spot,they definetly should have them on hand as those clowns strip oil pans daily! Other wise take what you're using now and try to find a thicker fiber(not paper)gasket and use that,but stay away from rubber/plastic,they don't work for shit! Oversize plugs come in a variety of sizes,so getting the right size shouldn't be a problem.


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        Thanks, guys. Afraid I drew the wrong conclusion.

        Removed my fairings and clean up everything and traced the source of oil to a leak at the drain hole of the clutch cover (just to the side of the water pump)

        Manual says if coolant leaks, its failure of mechanical seal and seal washer.

        If oil leaks, it's the oil seal and mechanical seal behind the water pump impeller.

        I forgot to mention, while tapping the new hole, the tapping tool push the oil separator out of place, so I removed the engine case to push it back.

        Managed to buy most of the gaskets needed to install the case back, but the dealer didn't have the oil seal and mechanical seal. So I didn't change that.

        Guess I have to find where to buy that and then open the engine case again.
        Ask not what TLP can do for you, but what you can do for TLP.