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1000 miles in 24 hours

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  • 1000 miles in 24 hours

    I rode my Tiller in the Colorado Chapter "C" Two Wheelers 19th. annual 1000-in-24 ride this past weekend. As usual, this ride takes you over some of the best roads in Colorado. You usually cross around 10 mountain passes. If you include the trip from my house to the starting point in Denver and back home again, I rode a total of 1150 miles. Two long stops for meals, heavy rain and lots of traffic in the afternoon and evening kept average speeds down. I finished in 17 1/2 hours. They told me I was the third finisher (this is not a race, but I guess someone keeps track of these things). The only other sport bike on this ride was a guy riding 2 up on a Buell. This is the second year for this couple to ride their Buell. My fuel mileage ranged from a low of 35 to a high of just over 51, with an overall average of 44. You should have seen the look on the other riders faces when I pulled my Suzuki in line with all the big touring and sport touring bikes.
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    That's an "average" speed of 57.1428 MPH
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      Your ass must me made of cast iron

      Sounds like quite an experience. CO has some beautiful roads.
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        Cool trip, did you get in to the official Iron Butt club?


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          Congrats ! I did an Iron Butt Saddlesore 1000 miles in May on my TLR also. 1018 miles in 21 hours from Suches, Georgia to Oklahoma City.

          It was brutal, but thanks to my Corbin, it wasn't as bad as it could have been !

          Of course the blue ones are faster, you mean you didn't know that?

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          Also, near death with a car bumper.

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            Congrats on the trip!

            I did a ride from GA to NY & back on my TLS (2500 miles). I didn't make the 1000 miles in 24hrs, but it was still a great trip.
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              Cool trip, did you get in to the official Iron Butt club?
              I have done a number of official Iron Butt rides with my Honda BlackBird. The latest was a 1500 in 36. This is the first time I tried this ride with my Tiller. My wrists are a little sore, as is my upper back from keeping my head up. The seat on this bike is stock, but was still pertty comfortable. I am still using the stock rotary damper, but the ride was still acceptable.


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                You Kick Iron Butt! ROFL!!!

                I used to know a guy who was an Iron Butt "regular"... he had a Gold Wing with over 300,000 miles on it - complete with all sorts of telemetry. We'd marvel at some of his trips.
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                  Good job~!..
                  I've got a huge penis, You've got a huge penis, even Tim over there, yup you guessed it, huge penis. Good, now that that's out of the way, let's go ride