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Flappers opening at 2700 rpm

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  • Flappers opening at 2700 rpm

    Hey all
    I've got my bike apart today and just for fun I pulled the air box lid off and reconnected the flappers, expecting them to open at 4g rpm, as I'm told is the spec, and I find that they open at 2700 or so Anyone know or hear of whether they changed the spec the '02's? I plan on doing the airbox mod that removes them entirely, in time, and I run with em disconnected anyway, just thought this was interesting...
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    Never heard of it. My one on my "S" definitely opens at 4K rpm.
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      You know on the little ride I had around the block after I did the airbox mod and removed the flapper, and while the engine was still cold, the stumbling problem disappeared...hmm wonder if opening up the airway allows more air in while in the "warmup" mode and therefore it doesnt stumble from being overly rich.


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        Theres a vacuum valve which controls the opening of the flapper valve, the different shape of the R's box compared to the S's maybe why it opens at a different rpm, at what rpms does the valve normally open on a TLR