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ticking under the tank

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  • ticking under the tank

    i have looked around the boards to see if i could find any information on the vacuum hose diagram.

    i found a strange sound coming from under the tank. i looked at the hose set up but cant find any lose hoses.

    it sounds like a leak of some sort. stops making the sound during spirited riding...

    any help would be great.

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    Let me be the first to say

    Welcome to the Planet

    As for ticking, thats a trait common to TL's but thats the cam gears, doesnt exactly sound like leaking air tho


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      Is it under the tank? It's not the fuel cap venting? The hose routing and connection diagrams are in the TLR manual.

      And TL = Ticks Loudly.
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        stops making the sound during spirited riding...
        The ticking is probably just the normal sound these bikes make. The decompression levers slap around a bit until the centrifugal force generated by higher rpm holds them tight. Just ride hard all the time

        Oh, and welcome to The Planet!
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          TLs tick...if this is a new tick to the bike...dunno what it could be, if this is just you getting used to the bike and you're the tick...its more than likely just the TL tick...enjoy

          oh, and where are my manners
          welcome to the planet!



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            The way to fix it is to wear earplugs.



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              Originally posted by rzarobbie
              The way to fix it is to wear earplugs.

              What? I cant hear you ?
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                thank you for the warm welcomes

                i had this bike since 99 loving it but the ticking is not normal

                i suddenlly came to be after a night of spririted riding on the highway

                originally when i removed the piar valve there was a sound just like it but i cuaght it and fixed it

                this time i dont see where the sound could be coming from

                i was looking for a hosing diagram or something maybe a few pages from a shop manuel pertianing to vacuum hoses


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                  Its a Bomb ..... anyone hate you ?
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                    yep me too..also have the tick tick tick,,or tap tap tap

                    i have been told many times,,its normal...or its scissor gears,,,

                    but i have also heard tlr and tls without the ticking/tapping....

                    i certainly am

                    bcoz if it is normal then surely they would all do it ?
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                      mine does it too, and i LOVE it! tick tick tick

                      it's music to my ears


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                          yes people hate me

                          but the bike is not rigged

                          i ran by the shop they told me that it sounded like a vacumm or exhuast leak

                          but they didnt have time to look at it

                          i checked the exhuast but no leak unless it is coming from the head

                          this one is a mystery to me

                          i am thinking about redoing all the vacuum hoses to try to isolate the problem


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                            good luck
                            Originally posted by TLCURT
                            Because TL's fucking rock.

                            It's a cult own one is to love one.


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                              Use a spray bottle and mist some water around with a light on it. You will see the water get blown around by any leak. If its an inward leak try soapy water, then clean it while you are there. My pair removal job lost its plug twice and made a nasty leak under the tank....twice. I have block off plates now. Oh yeah, you might have to do this in a low light situation to see the water in light.
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