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  • wheelie landing slapper

    fortunately this is not happened to me, but just a quick reminder about the dangers of wheelies.

    sport bike tend to wheelie really fast because of the power that the speed builds up quite fast, eq. if you land second gear wheelie at the rev limit the speed must be close to +90mph on most big bikes?. If the wheelie is long the front wheel has stopped spinning and it has to build up speed from zero to 90 in tenths of seconds. This could cause violent tank slapper even with steering damper. I saw it happend at trackday, guy wheelied first half of the main straight, then landed and slapped almoust the rest of the straight(new honda CBR 929?). and the bike was with ohlins steering damper. And when the slapper stopped the problems are not over, because slapper shakes the front brake caliber pistons deep in the cylinders, so when you hit the brakes-nothing. You need to pump the brakes to get them working again. Happily the straight was long.

    But just think of this happening at the street. You launch amazing wheelie at second, then the offset of the road steers the bike little to the side of the road, so you land it fast to save the day. 100m slapper and no brakes. not good...

    Just to warn you, lets be carefull out there.

    (And again, learning and doing wheelies is best with old enduros. They don't slap you, and don't even go over 90mph)

    I take no liability if someone burns up his/her TL with Jarkko/Sparkko/plus mod It's safe if it's done right....

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    "If i had a garage half the size of the smallest garage you guys had i would build a tl powered airplane with lazers"

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    Thats why I reach over and give that wheel a spin before I set it down!! ...Yeah,I don't think I'll be trying to keep them up into 3rd,a little hairy for me


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      funny you should mention that..i just shifted into thrid for the first time on the highway this morning comming into work.... i was like wow 3rds pretty fast .... hmmmm wonder if i can hit 4th...
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        My dirtbikes top out at 98 and 103..... how fast on one wheel:dunno

        I can't seem to shake the tankslapper video I saw 3 years ago I usually leave my nuts on the table before I take the TL out
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          Ouch. I usually just get a nice cherp from the tire when it lands. I even have an R1 with no damper.
          RIP Ron
          Sept. 12 2004


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            Just make sure you pick a well surfaced and flat road to do it.. I love the little chirp and puff of smoke...scares the crap outta people too...