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  • TLR battery question

    Hey fellas,

    Surfing the net, I found the following web page and was wondering, have any of you tried a different battery to lighten the load of weight.

    1st the web site address:

    2nd, since you are all lazy here is what is one the page:

    "Some anonymous poster to the TL1000 Message Board wrote:

    Forget the Powermite, just buy a smaller Yuasa!
    I use a Yuasa YT4L-BS. This is the same battery that is OEM for an XR250, a DR350, or a DR650 dual sport dirt bikes... and is used extensively by SuperSport race teams that have to maintain the battery and electric starting systems. It's much smaller than the stock battery and saves several pounds.

    Ten pounds? Forget it. The stock battery only weighs 6.3 pounds and uses .5L of acid that weighs 1.1 pounds. That's a total of 7.4 pounds.

    With the Powermite battery, you get a "1.5" pound battery (I have not weighed it, but that is their claim) that has a 1aH capacity. Forget all the mumbo jumbo.

    With a Yuasa YT4L-BS, you get a 3.3 pound battery (including acid) that gives you 3aH (triple the capacity of the Powermite for only twice the weight). The YT is a sealed, maintenance free battery.

    Best of all, the YT4L-BS is at your local bike shop and it costs $40!

    The YT4L-BS gives you a 4.1 pound savings over the stock battery.

    No, it will not be as reliable as the stock battery, but it will be three times more 'reliable' than the Powermite. I recommend maintaining the battery according to Yuasa's recommendations on their excellent web site

    I am not intending to trash Powermite. If you have to save that extra 1.8 pounds, go for it. But realize what you're paying for it and that there is an alternative that's much lighter than the stock battery.

    =========End of Post==============

    I took this advice and bought the YT4L-BS for $33.00 including Tax from my local dealerhsip. I weighted my stock battery at just under 7.5lbs. Then I weighed the YT4L-BS at right around 2-3 lbs. The connectors fit the smaller battery just fine, and the smaller battery fit perfectly into the box standing up while the stock battery was on its side.

    So a 4-5 pound savings for $33.

    At this time I cannot comment on the reliability of the battery as I have only had it on the bike for a few hours. It did start the bike though, and it was still fully charged after a 20 minute ride.

    UPDATE: I had to bump start the bike both before (cold) and after (warm) work today. Looks like the 4L is not going to work out. I AM running thick oil 15/50w and the 4L will only start the bike when it is warm, and then only a few times in a row. Bummer.


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    If you looking to save 4 lbs. just take a giant steam before you ride. I would rather my bike starts every time, hot or cold, than shave a messily 4 pounds off.


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      right, but I was wondering if anyone else has tried doing something similar to this.?