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    seems to me to be a taboo subject...everyone i ask tells me a big long story of what to use/not to use different grades etc etc

    could someone plz explain oils,,,10/40 grade is this thicker than 15/40 and so on..

    currently using silkolene pro+ fully synthetic,,but was told yesterday using fully synth could cause me problems..especially with clutch...and recommended Castrol GPS 10/40 semi synth ( this was not the castrol rep)

    bloody oils...

    cheers for any help
    "Sorry Officer ! I thought you wanted to race"

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    what you are running is fine. i use the semi synth 10/40 silkolene in my 97. tls models have less beefy clutch springs than R models.... run what ya have in her, unless its time for an oil change. if thats the case, buy more of what you had in her.....


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      Thanks ........

      "Sorry Officer ! I thought you wanted to race"