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need help getting extended rear brake line

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  • need help getting extended rear brake line

    hello folks,

    im having some trouble sourcing a lengthened stainless brake line for my current project. i spoke with goodridge and they asked me to go through their distributor barnett. spoke to barnett and ask me to go through a barnett dealer. called the local stealer and he called barnett who called goodridge for a quote and they said they dont make a line for the TLS. thing is i have one still in the box at home... stock length rear line.

    does anybody know this part number?
    does anybody have a 2nd source i can try for a custom line?


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    See if your dealer has a hookup with K&L Supply. K&L sells Galfer stainless line in bulk, as well as the correct style banjo fittings in stainless or anodized aluminum.
    I made a set for my old bike this way, and my cost was only $50.00 or so for a complete dual line kit for the front. Not sure how much line you have to buy, but it may be worth looking into.

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      Find a bike that has a really long stock swingarm and get the brake line for that model. VFR's have long brake lines I believe.
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        Thier expensive but try Spiegler. Thats where I got my +3" lines for my R1.
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          They can make you whatever size you need for a decent price.
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            Perhaps Deering Enterprises, which is directly across from the Long Beach Yamaha on Cherry will do a custom job for you.
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              I've got a spare clutch lever line sittin around here somewhere.
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                thanks for all your suggestions.
                the custom goodridge unit was going to be $159 plus shipping. ouch.
                jeff from
                pingel hooked me up!
                30" Brake line w/ one end 57080 $28.45
                40471 10mm X 3" banjo straight $13.70 ea.

                and i ordered a front end strap for $20 while i was there.

                the swingarm has been glass beaded and is being anodized black while i write


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                  Right on. That's a hell of a deal .
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