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Por 15 and why use it?

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  • Por 15 and why use it?

    Who's used por 15 on their frame and wheels? what's the good and bad points about it? Is it spray on or paint on and how easy is it to make it look decent. thanks
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    I've used it, but I was after a matt black and it did'nt come out that way, more a semi gloss. So I removed it in favour of polishing. What I did find out tho is if you remove as much of the bodywork, radiator, hoses etc you can mask up the engine and other parts enough to spray it, much better result, my brushed attempt still ended up with a few f$%kups in it, even tho I was really carefull. If your willing to strip the frame bare you could always powdercoat or if you have the dollars, anodize it.


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      It's not an easy product to work with

      Check out Tiller2nv's R1, he used a spray-on product

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